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Introducing Aeneas,

Counselor and Spiritual Advisor. Psychic, Clairvoyant and Life Coach Mentor. Here to help you in achieving your Highest Potential in Love, Life, Wealth and Spiritual Perfection.
Numerologist, Cartomancy, Spirit Guide
Experience: 25 Years Reading The Tarot. Master Reader and Consultant: The American Tarot Association/Tarot Association of The British Isles.
Tools: Tarot, Numerology, Runes, Pendulum and Crystal Ball Gazing.
Abilities: Channeling, Clairaudient, Clairsentient, Clairvoyant, Empath,
Expertise: Career/work, Deceased loved ones, Destiny/life path, Love/relationships, Money/finance, Spiritual development
Style: Compassionate

Aeneas will EMPOWER your life with prosperity and your relationships with direction and truth. Yes, you CAN achieve your Visions, Desires and Dreams Today! You will never be left in a place that keeps you limited and confused with Aeneas, your time spent with him will provide you with truthful and honest insight. Your answers will be delivered with Compassion and Respect. Insight is always First and Foremost, together with Tarot you will form a plan for Success in all matters!

•Reveal new options
•Get a new perspective on and re-envision your life
•Find hope, support, and encouragement
•Increase mental and emotional clarity
•Reaffirm what you already know
•Connect more deeply with your intuition
•Explore universal truths
•Answer some of life’s biggest questions

Aeneas will assist you in receiving Positive Insight into your World allowing you to Create the Love, Wealth and Blessings that will No doubt change your life! He is Highly Clairvoyant both Visual and Audient, he was given these gifts of Empowerment and has helped many of his Clients achieve their Goals. Numerologist, Cartomancy,Spirit Guide.

Tarot Tip: Ten Practical Questions to Ask the Tarot:

I can’t stress enough how one of the most important components of a successful reading is the question and how it’s asked. The more targeted a question is, the more likely it is the answer will be useful.

I really dislike the term “proactive,” but it aptly describes the type of question that will yield the best results. Here are ten examples that you can use singly or in combination:

1. What do I need to know about . . . ?
2. What is the next step I need to take to achieve . . . ?
3. What can I do to help . . . ?
4. What is standing in the way of my . . . ?
5. How can I best overcome the obstacle of . . . ?
6. How can I be a better . . . ?
7. Which is the best choice between . . . ?
8. What can I do to support myself while . . . ?
9. When is the best time to . . . ?
10. Who am I?

Question #9 requires some knowledge of timing techniques in order to best answer it.

Question #10 is not so easy to answer but I wanted to include it because as far as we’re concerned, it’s the most important question you can ask the cards. Finding the answer is a lifelong process of discovery.

Happy readings!

From Tarot Tips, by Ruth Ann and Wald Amberstone

Aeneas has 25 years experience reading the Tarot,is an Ordained Minister of The Church of Spiritual Humanism and holds Accredited Degrees in psychology, metaphysics and ministry. In 2014 and 2015 he was Awarded Tarot Reader and Teacher of the Year by the New York State Tarot Guild,LGTBQ Clients Welcome to My Chat.

*** Tarot, Runes, Pendulum, Cartomancy, Numerologist and Spirit Guide ***

Tarot decks I use: Traditional RWS, Thoth, The Tarot of Delphi and The Fountain Tarot. I will also use the Lenormand if requested. Readings are solely for the purpose of entertainment or amusement.

*** To All My Clients Past, Present and Future Thank you for Your Reviews, it's a Pleasure to Serve You.***

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StarzAeneas's Reviews

" I had ten minutes available and a complex situation with many items and considerations (as well as a completely separate issue) to throw at Aeneas. He grasped everything at record speed and provided deep answers. I am very familiar with readings; however, this was downright brilliant. My sincere thanks. Now I can sleep. "

Posted by: Mary Ann on 02/17/18
" Very happy with the my reading with Aeneas! I know I will be back!"

Posted by: dalai on 04/25/17
" Excellent reading you wont regret it will be in contact again."

Posted by: Armin Dzuzdanovic on 12/26/16
" seemed genuine, and on point. only time will tell;) love"

Posted by: All Love on 11/17/16
" Very direct and clear. Great reading, thanks!"

Posted by: Seleni on 09/22/16
" I am always to thankful to touch base with Aeneas, he is straight forward, caring, on point and direct. I touch base several times a year to ensure that I am on track and he is usually right as to what is going to occur! You will not disappointed when reading with him and can trust his direction. Love and Light, "

Posted by: Hope on 09/07/16
" Aeneas continues to help me work through a problem. He also is insightful into getting to know a person and we don't just check the cards, but he asks good questions that have made me take a look at how I am approaching a problem. Yes, he has been dead on with his readings and predictions but he has also made me take a step back and look at how I am handling myself with these as well. I will definitely keep coming back!"

Posted by: Michele on 09/05/16
" Amazing :) very very quick. and to the point. I really appreciated it. "

Posted by: Sabi on 08/29/16
" To the point and accurate. Definitely recommend him!"

Posted by: Michele on 07/11/16
" To the point and accurate. Definitely recommend him!"

Posted by: Michele on 07/11/16
" Another great reading and helpful as usual. Straight to the point!"

Posted by: Michele on 06/15/16
" Has been a HUGE source of help while I am trying to navigate a difficult situation. Always to the point...very helpful! Will definitely seek advice from him again."

Posted by: Michele on 06/07/16
" LOVED this guy! He is fast to the point, and tunes in to question with clarity. Cant wait for next read, I was so stressed, and now I can sleep well! Thank You! <3 "

Posted by: Teri on 05/20/16
" Thank you <3 "

Posted by: L on 02/18/16
" This is the second time I have chatted with StarzAeneas. He picked up on my persons of interest well. He confirmed some things I thought were happening. I highly recommend him."

Posted by: zadygirl on 01/25/16
" I really enjoyed my reading with Aeneas. He was professional, accurate and honest -- and a lot of fun! Highly recommend!"

Posted by: Moosie on 01/17/16
" I'm sorry for the funds. Thank you for helping me tonight "

Posted by: L on 01/16/16
" Thank you for all your help. "

Posted by: L on 12/10/15
" Always insightful readings. Past readings were very accurate and helpful as far as guiding through some problems."

Posted by: M on 10/10/15
" He is an AWESOME GUY! You have to give him a try!He picked up on the one in question. Ty I will let you know how the prediction turned out :) "

Posted by: L on 10/02/15
" Very insightful and accurate regarding some details. Also very kind. I recommend"

Posted by: Vj on 08/24/15

Posted by: mybishoptoyourqueen. on 07/17/15
" Aanes is always honest straightforward and correct in his readings! He is helpful and positive! Read with him you won\'t be dissapointed!"

Posted by: Hope on 06/21/15
" He was lovely. kind chat and had some aha moments. Thank you so much. appreciated the reading! "

Posted by: dolly on 06/13/15
" Very helpful reading. Did not beat around the bush ... told it like it was. Very accurate. Will definitely seek advice again!"

Posted by: Michele on 06/11/15
" Nice and very helpful Tarot card reading."

Posted by: Manda on 05/31/15
" Love love love him, very precise & straight to the point! Will check back in with him soon! Highly recommend! Thanks so much!!"

Posted by: Tink! on 02/22/15
" StarzAeneas is one of the BEST I have ever come across, right on POINT, even know what I am thinking, while I a typing a question, he already is typing the answer even before I asked it and after clicking the same time i realise my questions was answered before I hit the send. He is very into his reading, came for a reading the other day and exactly what he said would happen is EXACTLY what happened, I can only you are truly looking for honest, straight forward NO sugar coat reading, responds quickly, no time waster, this is the person for you, you will not be disappointed, HIGHLY RECCOMMENDED I just had to come back to let him know his predictions were ON POINT! Thanks again and will be back soon!! Blessing!"

Posted by: Sandra on 01/30/15
" Did I chat session. Gave little information. And he picked up quick on my situation. He was nice! Ran out of minutes but I will come back for an update in a week. Thank you for my reading."

Posted by: Lauren on 12/15/14
" thank you so much- I feel so much better. "

Posted by: yogagirl on 11/19/14
" He is literally my favorite.,he went in debth & reve So much without my assistance. I love him & so will you!!"

Posted by: Tinkerbell on 10/10/14
" Thank you! :)) "

Posted by: Unknown on 09/13/14
" Very happy, this was my first time chatting online, and I will def contact back, with my results still months to come."

Posted by: Lisa on 03/17/14
" Thank you for the reading. I really enjoyed it. He really picked up on the situation quickly and had good advice."

Posted by: northsidegirl on 03/02/14
" Very sweet, compassionate, honest, and direct. He told me things I did not want to hear... but here's the thing a good reader will be honest and tell you what they see... so they can help you advance and prepare for the coming. I like this readers Integrity and as such I will come back. He was specific was timeframes, expectations, and answered all my questions. TY!"

Posted by: Bubblegumgirl on 02/12/14
" very good reader. highly recommend."

Posted by: valerie on 02/06/14
" He is awesome and will keep him in informed.....a great connection "

Posted by: Josie on 12/22/13
" awesome reading as usual. will keep u posted :)"

Posted by: mia on 12/16/13
" Blown Away!!! The Best."

Posted by: stoner420 on 12/11/13
" Aeneas is the BEST!!! I've never talked to a psychic online that called it to the date, unbelievable!"

Posted by: Bradley Joseph on 12/07/13
" He was right on andI will come back to give him updates."

Posted by: josie on 12/06/13
" Easy going, nice to have him read my cards. Told me about my new business, and it's all come to be!!! I was so excited, I will be back to him always."

Posted by: Katy Lipman on 11/30/13
" great reader:) highly recommend , many thanks for your patience"

Posted by: MissX on 11/26/13
" So clear and easy going!"

Posted by: Angie DeAngelo on 11/22/13
" He is HARDCORE, my bf and I love Him!"

Posted by: Summer White on 11/22/13
" Right there when I needed help with my girlfriend told me what was going on he's the Best!"

Posted by: Mark Caldwell on 11/22/13
" Aeneas was right on point telling me so many details about my career and relationship that I only could know. He didn't waste anytime, he got right to the reading and I was blown away by how quickly he tuned into the issues that have been making problems for me for a very long time now. He gave me so solutions that I had overlooked- He was AWESOME!!! I will go to him again and again."

Posted by: Alison Day on 11/21/13