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From: Linz, United States     StarzPsychic Since: Aug 31st 2013    Last Login: 1/06/19

Natural Born Psychic Ability

You have questions ABOUT Love/Relationship, Loyalty/Affairs, Cheating/Reunion & Career/Finance.. i have ANSWERS.

I am Psychic Reader,Spiritual Helper,Tarot Reader,Dream Interpreter,Soulmate Checker,Clairvoyant,Medium.

☼☼Area of EXPERTISE☼☼













Degrees and Qualifications:
☼☼Clairsentience (empathic)☼☼ I can feel energy & emotions from other people. I am an empath, can pick up your emotions, as well as the emotions of those you are inquiring about.

☼☼Clairvoyant☼☼ I have the ability to "see" or gain information about an object, person, location or physical event.

☼☼Claircognizance (knowing)☼☼ Visions come from time to time during readings. When this happens I can describe the image in detail.

☼☼Tarot Card Interpretations ☼☼ 19 years experience.

☼☼Empath☼☼ feeling the energy and emotions of client and others involved in the

☼☼Non-judgemental reader You can ask me anything, without hesitation and without fear of ridicule. I accept all circumstances with an open mind.

☼☼19 years experience providing readings professionally in my office.

☼☼ 4 years experience providing chat readings online

Dream Interpreter For Over 19 Years.


Often readings are needed at very emotional times~please keep in mind: To begin your Live Psychic Reading with StarzLovePsychic Click Here.

StarzLovePsychic's Reviews

" very good reader, very kind and tells it like it is."

Posted by: vonnie on 06/14/18
" Accurate and straightforward insight with LovePsychic. Provided some clarity on a current situation, enjoyable reading. "

Posted by: Moosie on 03/27/18
" Very assuring and helpful. Felt good after talking. Not only states the problem but gives solution to the problem too. Thank you so much. :) "

Posted by: Cherz01 on 03/08/18
" Thank you so much for your help. Great reading, amazing support and guidance"

Posted by: Nina on 02/17/18
" Grrreat reader, spot on"

Posted by: Jovita on 11/18/17
" Definitely an awesome reader. Reassuring, kind, and accurate. I would recommend him for anything regarding soul mates, love complications, and any confusions with current partners. "

Posted by: Tigress219 on 10/21/17
" Fantastic reader, spot on"

Posted by: Michelle on 10/10/17
" Another good reading. I feel I can say anything and he will give me a true response"

Posted by: zadygirl on 10/04/17
" great reading! thank you"

Posted by: tamarasp on 09/16/17
" I enjoy reading with her. Especially when it comes to matters of the heart. I feel she is being honest and true. I can say anything I want to her."

Posted by: Zadygirl on 08/27/17
" Good reading"

Posted by: Spirited on 08/17/17
" Very good and clear reading. Nice, relaxed and to the point. Thank you "

Posted by: Maja on 03/31/17
" great. worth it."

Posted by: lisa on 02/18/17
" very good"

Posted by: Armin Dzuzdanovic on 12/30/16
" Great reading, picked up on my area of concern"

Posted by: AmyO on 11/08/16
" She gave me hope. She is sweet and very comfortable to talk with. Thank you and will surely be in contact again "

Posted by: lhed79 on 09/09/16
" She's so sweet and patient! She did a healing session to get rid of the negativity that was around me, and she had the patience to wait for me to come back because I needed to get away for some time and when I got back for another session, she continued the healing session even after we got disconected (I didn't notice because I had closed my eyes). I left feeling so much better, and she gave me good advices that I'll try to follow. You won't regret talking to her!"

Posted by: Lost girl on 05/11/16
" I am always comfortable speaking with her and asking her anything! She is very kind and honest. Thank you"

Posted by: zadygirl on 05/10/16
" Thank you for your help "

Posted by: L on 01/16/16
" excellent reader and advisor. right on target each time. highly recommend. "

Posted by: sky on 05/11/15
" right on target, very accurate as always. i know i can count on excellent advice."

Posted by: wilma on 04/22/15
" excellent. right on target. will highly recommend "

Posted by: wilma on 04/15/15
" She is very good. I do not always connect with psychics. She connected with me very well and said a lot of things which are true, she knew details about things I had not thought about in years and gave me good insight into my life right now. Things I had a feeling about she was able to give me confirmation. She is wonderful and very honest. She is not shy in her details. WOW! "

Posted by: M on 03/14/15
" Had a long Reading with StarzLovePsychic and he is a wonderful Advisor with great information he gave me and I will update him in July to let him know how things went. He is GREAT AND WONDERFUL. "

Posted by: unknown on 06/26/14
" She is direct, honest loved her insight, gave me alot to think about. And she was spot on!"

Posted by: Licette on 02/21/14
" was very shocked.the details were accurate.I was totally amazed.told me what was happening without saying a thing.incredible!"

Posted by: cookie on 02/08/14
" We had a lot of connection problems but we still were able to pick up where we left off each conversation. I left the conversation feeling good and confident about myself."

Posted by: Wyn on 02/02/14
" Thank you for your blunt honesty as always. I feel you know my situation so's so nice to come in and you just start where left. I really trust your guidance and will see what happens here.."

Posted by: miranda on 10/28/13
" Great reading and guidance...clarity was confirmed and pathway is on the journey now. Much appreciated....straight to the point."

Posted by: zina on 10/28/13
" SHE gave me one of the best readings HERE. seriously clear and concise. she does not tell you just want you want to hear. she was very detailed in her observations, and kind and honest. She gave me so much insight into my situation and was patient in helping me put the pieces together. She is my new favorite and I highly recommend her! Thank you I will be back!"

Posted by: amaria on 10/28/13