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From: Sydney...NSW, Australia     StarzPsychic Since: Jun 11th 2013    Last Login: Yesterday

As seen on psychic tv .Im a Professional and accurate Tarot Reader with 98 percent accuracy for my tarot readings.. I have worked on Tarot lines and helped many people for nearly 30 yrs.I will do my best to answer every question you have quickly,ensuring you get your moneys worth....Being a medium I can reach those who have passed over and help you connect with a Loved One....I would love to do a reading or a connection for You...I love using my gift to help people get closure, answers and a positive outlook on their future...Thanks for checking my Profile out and I look forward to helping you soon :)Peace and Happiness xox To begin your Live Psychic Reading with StarzLorraine Click Here.

StarzLorraine's Reviews

" Thank you for my reading. You gave me details I didn't know. Ty "

Posted by: Lwebb on 03/13/16
" She is better than amazing. She was so specific my jaw dropped a few times during my reading. She nailed it! Will contact her again. Definitely."

Posted by: ann on 07/25/15
" Lorraine is accurate and amazing, I have had two readings with her, and things she told me have occurred. I would recommend her highly, and will contact her again in a couple of weeks, to follow up, she is truly spot on with her insights and advice."

Posted by: Ant on 06/27/15
" thank u Lorraine "

Posted by: lee lee on 11/08/13
" thanks heaps lorraine"

Posted by: laura on 11/08/13
" well once again what amazing lady i just dont want to leave her readings are so on the money wish i had more cash i be back again and again thank you very much always a postive reading xxx"

Posted by: chrissy on 11/08/13
" Thank you Lorraine. :)"

Posted by: Kylie on 11/08/13
" i love lorraine tarot readings"

Posted by: jesse on 08/07/13
" lorraine is the best i just love her tarot reading keep up the good work lorraine"

Posted by: mark on 08/07/13
" Will come back again Lorraine,Has done about 3 reading for me each one I had no idea what she meant at first,By the end of the week it all made prefect since,I ran into people who I didnt know who were around.I just could not belive how fast I had my answers.Thanks "

Posted by: Kyra on 06/15/13
" great work"

Posted by: tim on 06/15/13
" lorraine the best "

Posted by: sue on 06/15/13
" amazing"

Posted by: jan on 06/15/13
" it was a very amazing tarot reading thanks ur the best lorraine ur so spot on "

Posted by: ken on 06/15/13
" Wow what amazing woman..i have been to many but this was just too amazing if there such a word..i will be back..cant wait to share with my mates..thank you Lorraine "

Posted by: Christine on 06/14/13
" i <3 lorraines tarot reading she so good"

Posted by: sandy on 06/14/13
" i <3 ur tarot reading "

Posted by: cathy on 06/14/13