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I am a big believer in 'the golden rule' and I want my clients to always be comfortable with me. With that said, I combine my empathic and intuitive abilities to provide you the answers you need with compassion and understanding. I work closely with the Angels, both for protection and guidance.

I am very open minded, so no question is too taboo for me. I will not lie to you, so please don't expect me to only tell you what you want to hear. I am a very honest person and will only guide you in the best direction I see for you. If you receive news during your reading that is not pleasing to you, I will ALWAYS help you to see the positive.

I have been aware of my gifts as a young child but tried to avoid them as I was told to ignore what was happening to me. As a child, I valued my imagination more than anything else. Some of my best times were spent alone and speaking inwardly to myself. It wasn't until recent years that I learned that this was my form of meditation!
Now, I am confident in my psychic abilities as well as the advice I give. I am always learning and exploring myself as well as everything else! Life is to be lived and experienced!

I have such love for what I do. Providing answers to clients helps me grow more and more, and I am only getting stronger.

::Tools I Use::

Moon Garden Tarot Cards

Earth Oracle Cards

Messages From Your Angels Oracle Cards



Dream Interpretation

How does a reading work with you?

First you will need to create a free account. Once you click "Chat Now," you will be taken to a private chat room with only you and I in it. I will then greet you, ask how I can help and go from there! Please know that you will have my undivided attention during your session with me. I turn off any music and shut down any and all distractions so it's just you, me, and Spirit :)

How many minutes should I purchase?

I ask that you please purchase at least 10 minutes ($20.00) to start. In order for me to thoroughly guide you, I need to understand the past as well. I will guide you through the reading step by step so you thoroughly understand and this takes a bit of time. If you need or want more time, you will be prompted to purchase more without leaving the room. I always try to move along with respect to you.

How long will the reading last?

As long as you want/need it to! If you have more questions feel free to ask them. They don't have to all connect to one another...I can keep up! Once you feel satisfied with your reading, clicking "End Session" will end your reading with me. You will also have the option to download a .doc of the reading afterwards. If you still feel as though you would like more information, please use the Email option and I will answer you as soon as possible.

~~Please leave your testimonial so others may feel at ease~~

It is my purpose and passion to help those in need. I'm greatly looking forward to meeting you!

☆☆Love, Light, & Blessings,☆☆

Also, Check out my blog here! I'm always adding new content!

**Please do not ask for medical or legal advice as these are topics strictly for professionals in these fields**


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StarzKarmicKyra's Reviews

" Awesome reader! She was detailed and very helpful! Thank you for a wonderful reading! I'm looking forward to speaking with her again! :)"

Posted by: Jackie on 09/22/16
" Thank u :) "

Posted by: L on 11/11/15
" My computer went fritzy as we were speaking and bumped me off... nonetheless Kyra is super cool. She was so easy to talk with and came me solid predictions. She nailed several things also. Loved the readin! TY"

Posted by: S on 03/26/14
" Hopefully she is right.. Thanks for sharing your time with me."

Posted by: Fatima on 12/06/13
" I just had a reading from her and she was very kind and forth coming...I am so lost in making my decision as I truly am in love with Fred even though we are long distance... Thank you Kyra"

Posted by: Annette on 07/17/13
" Loved my Reading with this Reader,,,,she was awesome and we conected. I will be back again "

Posted by: Josie on 06/28/13
" Great and fun experience!! I've never had a card reading before, this was awesome!!"

Posted by: Cassie on 05/31/13
" Loved my reading with her!! She is very detailed and walks your thru everything!! Also she was giving me details before i could ask about them!!! I will definitely be back!! THank you Kyra!!!"

Posted by: Tasha9195 on 05/24/13
" Caring and generous. Very kind and helpful and insightful.Highly recommend!!"

Posted by: GF on 05/21/13
" Great reader! accurate on many points! "

Posted by: MiaPoli on 05/15/13