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Please understand my profile AND UNDERSTAND IT BEFORE YOU CONTACT ME, so we can SAVE your minutes. Please be advised that I am NOT a FORTUNE TELLER NOR a CLAIR-VOYANCE.If you are looking for a clairvoyance to get quick answer in your short fund, please meet other experts / clairvoyances to give you reading as you expecting.

Thank you for your kind cooperation. :-)

***Please give me time and let me feel your energy firstly before you tell me your problem. So we can avoid any distractions. I will let you know what I find on your energies. If any connection, we may go deeply relate to your problem. Please open mind and heart during the session so there is no blockage in to be in energy connection.

**Please don't tell me your main problem before any connection between us, especially for about 'WHEN you will meet someone for you' or whether he/she likes you as I am NOT a fortune teller. I don't like to give any false hopes and don't want to make you wasting money for your 5 minutes to finding quick answer, yes or no question whether he/she going to be staying or falling in love with you. If I say no, you may dislike me as you are expecting his/her love, but he/she not. I work on energies.

If you agree with these rules, click 'Chat NOW' in my profile...Have Fun! ***
Thank you so much for your kind understanding.

Please prepare your budget for MINIMUM 20 minutes (not less than 20 minutes, otherwise you may waste your fund to have the truest answer and I am here not caused of your money, but helping you) to :

- Channeling / Medium...
Let me help you to connect your Loved ones energies and find the answer you want to ask to him / her. I will try to connect your deceased loved ones, or become a bridge between you and your loved one or patient in comma to communicate each other, and to feel the loved ones energies or what is in his/her mind. Don't expect me to tell you something always good. For instance, if you are in expecting someone's love, while he/she is not clear in love with you. Because I dislike to give you any false hope if I feel his/her energy not close to you. I prefer advising you about your business relationship or the real ones (family, spouses, children)or find any problem solving. I don't want to confirm your hopes just to make you happy, but false hopes. If you agree with this, you may contact me. What you have to do while I am working in connection are : keep your mind with him/her, keep your mind to me, and keep being relax by taking a few deep breaths. (you may do the 3 things before you contact me)

- Medical Intuitive & Empathic Healing. In my experience, I can feel which parts of body that the client got pain and they told me 100 % accurate what I connected and felt their pain. It is because I connected their energies through chakras intuitively and emphatically. Sometimes I do some Yoga poses intuitively for my clients who unable to do the poses. It may happen caused of me and cosmic's harmony relationship.:-) The automatic yoga poses that come intuitively to me when synchronize your energy to me and the cosmic mostly are to open or unblock the blockages in the chakras of a client or the loved one you want to help for getting healing. It is the way how to balance all energies in the cosmic with you.

disclaimer : the energy healer in Medical Intuitive is not replacing Medical Doctors/physicians but supporting your health to unblock the blockages your chakra to flow your positive energy and release negative energy in you and your body, so that you may expect your blood flowing smoothly to distribute what you intake as Med Doctors or physicians prescribe for you.

I do Energy Healing / Chakra Healing in Distant Healing to help people detect their problem (mind, body, spirit) and find the solution. I help to release the negative energy and let the positive energy flow into your mind, and body by unblock the chakras blocked, so we may expect the balance in your mind, body, and soul. I sometimes communicate with other energies in the Cosmic if needed and My hands moving around or giving a sign will be the answer for the questions. (Channeling session).

I am a natural born healer. To support me helping more people around the world, I am doing Yoga Meditation (though I have been doing Meditation since childhood that more than 30 years). I am a Yoga Practitioner, a certified Balinese Yoga Teacher, and a Certified Energy Healer & Master/Teacher Degree(Balinese Healing, Bio-Galaxy Reiki, Kundalini Reiki, Imara Reiki, Indigo Light Empowerment Reiki, Medicine Buddha Reiki,Angel Reiki for Children) . I have helped many people (face to face and Distant healing) all over the world since few years, eventhough I found and was aware of my energy healing attached in me since kid. It is from the inheritance of our ancient family link.

Once you contact me, please let me detect your chakras (Chakras are the energy centers in your body) to see your problem firstly (physically and non physically) before you tell me what your problem is. It will help us to reduce the negative energies come into us and we will let more positive energies in this Cosmic come to us. Then we can start from there to look deeply in your problem and do Consultation after the detection into your chakras (The Energy Centers in you or your body).

Please don't hesitate to contact me. Please Open Mind and Heart as it will help us to work well together in terms of synergy to our energies level to finding your problem solution.

Love and Blessings,

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