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From: CA, United States     StarzPsychic Since: Jan 24th 2018    Last Login: 1/07/19

You are feeling something or going through an experience and you would like to "KNOW" what is going on. I will listen to your story and with my gift of Claircognizance will guide you to know why it is all happening, what may be coming, and how you can evolve or move forward from the experience. Even provide some healing to support you as required. I am an acclaimed and internationally recognized Visionary. With over 12 years experience and 1,000's of very satisfied clients.

"It is OK to BE guided by others which is different from following others." ~ Al Diaz
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" I had a reading with StarzTheGuide and it was truly amazing. He not only takes your hand and guides you throughout the reading but also helps you to face any challenges you might have. Dont miss this opportunity to have a reading with him. "

Posted by: Lana on 03/02/18