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StarzDragonSpirit is not a stranger to this realm, in fact here, she is at her most comfortable, just like you are breathing right now. With 41+ years of Knowledge, Experience and a "Knowing" she has been very successful in her incarnation to this life. She is a Conscious Channel. When Readings are done with her you experience a "calming", in depth & detail of what it is that you are questioning, or looking for . She has traveled extensively in pursuit of experiences & growth. She has been called a Master at whatever she does, her readings are warm & supportive getting to the real issues swimming around in your soul. While being encouraging, she challenges you to grow.

While over the years studying and working with many areas, such as: Gods/Goddesses (Isis, Athena and others), Pagan,Druid & Native American (Earning the title Shaman & given the name Cheyenne, meaning Spiritual Warrior). Learning many different Healing Techniques (working with Chakras, Etheric Bodies), Communication Skills, and Belief Systems. StarzDragonSpirit is a Reiki Master (Usui Shiki Ryoho Method),Essential Oil Therapist, Ordained Minister,Teacher/Guide and a Conscious Channel. Working with many forms of Energy Work. Including: Ley Lines, Vortices and Energy Grids. Also combining the attributes of Crystals & Minerals (All Crystals have an energy they carry, areas of expertise,also containing Configurations which serves different purposes.) along with Colors & Chakras to bring about a full spectrum of healing, and personal work.

She uses all the Knowledge attained to get to the "root cause" of any situation. You may have a general Soul Reading, or may be looking for a specific area to facilitate growth, knowledge and well being. She will be offering general readings, past life information, or whatever is shown to be the most immediate information that you are needing.

Working with Ascended Master Guides, such as: Merlin Ambrosia, St.Germain, Great White Eagle, and others.


Also, she has a vast knowledge of Crystals/Stones/Minerals and they are used during readings as well.

Coming soon: Mon.-Fri. in Crystal Avalon, located in our daily Blog.

Cheyenne has an article in our Mystic Living Today, now on Kindle. It is full of great articles & information for everyone. Her article is entitled "Earth Gems-Crystals & Minerals" Enjoy. And please make sure to rate us, we greatly appreciate it.

**** Coming very soon I will be putting in my shop pictures of "personalized" for you jewelry, keep an eye out ! This jewelry is for YOU and you alone. It incorporates: Color Therapy, Sacred Geometry, the Power of the Crystal/Semi-precious stones/Bone/Horn that are being used. The only Crystal being used is Swarovski. Only Sterling Silver (which is feminine Receptive ) or Rose Gold (Male-Projective) is used. Any questions on this or anything in her profile may be asked by email. Coming soon will be some created pieces that may be found in my store or the emporium. As a rule, there are not alot of premade pieces, being that these are created for you specifically, you need to contact her and let her know what type of piece you are drawn too such as bracelet, earrings, necklace, etc. From there the Ascended Master Guides will show a pattern for the piece, shapes and colors of stones , etc. These pieces assist you without you even knowing it until you recognize the signs around you that are taking place. Again, you may ask her while she online, or email.

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StarzDragonSpirit's Reviews

" Interesting. "

Posted by: Wayne on 12/06/16
" She's so kind and lovely!! Gave me very useful advices and connected very fast to my situation. Loved her, I'll be back for future consultations :) Highly recommend her!! <3 <3 <3"

Posted by: She's such a lovely, positive, amazing reader on 04/29/16
" So on point! Completely connects and is so quick!I highly recommend. Blessings to you Dragon Spirit!!"

Posted by: GF on 04/09/16
" Great reader!highly recommend! Very intuned! "

Posted by: gf on 04/05/16
" Thank you very much for our chat "

Posted by: L on 02/12/16
" Very helpful and direct. Has assisted me several times on concerns I have had, helpled me refocus and pull energy to get back on track. 5 stars! you wont be dissapppointeed.T"

Posted by: Sam on 06/07/15
" StazDragonSpirit is spot on! She told me what to do and not even 24hrs had passed and the answers to my prayers were there!! Awesome reader! This lady is the real deal! "

Posted by: Nativegirl on 03/30/15
" Absolute fabulous , shes been so accurate even i n timeframes its amazing, truly godsent!"

Posted by: mia on 06/11/14
" StarzDragonSpirit is an awesome Advisor and I wil be back again to give updates on my situaton."

Posted by: Josie on 04/27/14
" Great advisor!! So easy to talk to and very accurate with her advise!!! TYVM 100 stars!"

Posted by: Vee on 04/25/14
" she was very fast and honest in her responses"

Posted by: nursesrock on 04/09/14
" Very precise, direct, and encouraging reading. I enjoyed it and saw many validations in the reading. TY for your time I will reflect "

Posted by: S on 04/06/14
" Confirmed very strongly things that were deep in my mind. Gave me a lot of perspective and ways to move forward. Felt comforted afterwards"

Posted by: ettuandyou on 04/05/14
" great reader ! picks up on things accurately!"

Posted by: Mia on 03/22/14
" Awesome her insight and what she saw in my path came to be quickly, very encouraging such great engery , I love speaking with her looking foward to my next phrase so I can confirm with her how great she is for knowing "

Posted by: steph on 03/18/14
" Dragon Spirt is very good. Does not even ask for DOB and stuff. She tunes in and shares what she sees!"

Posted by: Anonymous on 03/16/14
" I can not say enough about StarzDragonSpirit the accuracy is so strong .that you have to believe , you will have chills when you see what she has said is revealed. Highly recommend !!!"

Posted by: steph on 02/22/14
" amazing reader, truly sincere and uplifting reading:) a real god sent angel:)"

Posted by: mia on 02/17/14
" I highly recommend Starzdragonspirit ,she inform me of a move and everything she saw was on point .I was truely amazed she also has help me focus on my goals.But she see and the out come are on point "

Posted by: steph on 02/13/14
" Awesome just awesome she told me things before hand and I couldnt believe it actually happen her insight is awesome straight to the point very knowledgeable and helpful love money and life"

Posted by: steph on 02/13/14
" Awesome awesome she wasnon point and made me feel confident that things will change ,and knew things that I never guess what "

Posted by: steph on 02/09/14
" Starzdragonspirit::...I can't say enough about her.....she's the best psychic I have known...I've known many.....starzdragonspirit told me what was going to happen before it happens.....every reading I have had with her...she has always been right on...always!!!!!....starzdragonspirit has helped me with problems before they happen......she's the most accurate psychic I have ever ancountered...I love her so much.....she's so full of compassion...and love....very genuine soul......I give her a 5 star rating...."

Posted by: Laurashope7 on 02/03/14