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Hello. My name is Crystal, I am a psychic clairvoyant and medium with 11+ years of experience. I started doing readings for people when I was a teenager. I realized at a young age that using my psychic abilities, it was what I was meant to do in this lifetime. I enjoy helping people get answers with relationships, career path, spiritual path and so forth!

It is important that we take a deep look into our life to find the root of the issue and that is where I will help you find a solution!

When it comes to relationships, it is important that we know if the person we want in our life is the right one for us. I am able to pick up information by channeling the person you'd like me to look into. - Do remember that each of us has freewill to change the outcome of the future. Future can change if we change our path. ;)

I am very sensitive to energies and I can help lift up your soul. I am here to help you in anyway I can.

I offer healing sessions, in depth email readings.

Please be sure before you enter my chatroom, that you are in a calm state of mind. Thank You.

I read energy so I do not use any tools at all. I don't do general readings because I do not use tools for my sessions If you would like a general reading, it would probably be best to know what you want me to look into before entering my chat, otherwise it will make it more of a challenge for me to read you. For example if you are looking for love, and you want a love reading, all you have to do is say what you're looking for, so if you're single you just say you're single and looking for a partner. Then from there I will be able to see what I pick up, same with a job if you are needing insight on a job, just be specific and say you're looking for a new job and would like a reading on that or that you want to know about your current job etc. something like that. I do not need that many details, it's okay if you share a few, or some, I just like to know the area, or even a name only of a person and a question so I can give you the details I pick up with what you ask. and if you don't have a specific question, just at least let me know what it is you want me to look at. Thank you so much! I just want to be sure I give you a great in depth reading!! <3

I am looking forward to speaking to you. Contact me today!

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StarzClairvoyantCrystal's Reviews

" I really enjoyed this reading and her honest answers also giving me positivity and hope she is really good"

Posted by: Panda on 10/25/21
" She was very on point, helpful, and fast to answer my questions. I liked that she was pragmatic and didn't give me false hope "

Posted by: Catrina on 07/28/21
" Great type fast tuned in answered all questions things look good for this year !"

Posted by: rising on 05/11/21
" Thank you for being honest. You were consistent and honest when I inquired about my former relationship while others gave me false hope but you were right! You also described my ex to the tee. "

Posted by: Pat on 12/15/20
" She is able to connect with the thoughts feeling and actions of the people I inquired about and she was so right in her assessments. I don't know how she does it but she is absolutley gifted."

Posted by: Pat on 11/15/20
" She was so on point asap. She is a real kind and authentic reader. She picked up on things quickly and was very compassionate, honest and to the point. Thanks so much xoxoxox"

Posted by: Kaya on 03/07/20
" One of the best readings thus far, thank you again!!! "

Posted by: Susan on 08/08/19
" My favourite advisor... very accurate guidance coming from a higher place and not from fear. So healing to speak to her."

Posted by: Ccarol on 10/10/18
" Great reading with Crystal."

Posted by: MooS on 09/21/18
" Lovely meeting you Crystal! You have helped in so many ways.. Look forward to chatting again :)"

Posted by: B. on 08/27/18
" Starzclairvoyantcrystal is the most informative reader I have had and she is very quick in picking up detail about a person and a situation.In my most recent reading It was sensational on how accurate she was about the people I was asking about. She is truly real. You don’t have to say much because she amazingly picks up on things quickly. I am very confident with her readings! Thank you so much! "

Posted by: Rachel L on 07/31/18
" Crystal was great, connected with the situation right away and offered insight."

Posted by: Moosie on 05/27/18
" Amazing ! Thank u so much ! So professional down to earth and detailed . No judgements just answers questions straight forward with accuracy ! And remembers the name of the people I mention ! Thank u !"

Posted by: Girl girl on 10/13/16
" Great reading with Crystal! She was very accurate and detailed. Amazing insight and very pleasant, definitely recommend!"

Posted by: Moosie on 09/08/16
" seemed spot on with the situation, thanks!"

Posted by: G on 09/06/16
" Great reading - very quick to respond!"

Posted by: Carolyn22 on 08/10/16
" Intuitive and gave a lot of detail without me telling everything. Answered my question directly without talking in circles like some readers. Thank you!"

Posted by: Faye on 06/16/16
" insightful; eye opening."

Posted by: walker88 on 05/12/16
" She was very patience, sweet and kind. And she's very fast to connect, not much info asked or needed, she's very very good!! Loved her so much and will be back in the future for more readings. Thank you so much for everything!!"

Posted by: Little Girl on 04/03/16
" Thanks Crystal for the insights and validation on my situation today. Looking forward to chatting again. "

Posted by: Cheri on 03/06/16
" Just had the most amazing healing session, I am deep gratitude for this amazing lady . If you are guided here to read this review, know that you have been guided correctly .The information was spot on .Many blessings here xx"

Posted by: Anon on 02/04/16
" Have spoken to this amazing lady a few times and not only is she super fast , provides accurate information with no questions but gives clarity and support to assist in the situation . That will keep me coming back, definitely top of the list for me .Many blessings and gratitude here .Thank you "

Posted by: Anon on 01/31/16
" Excellent as always, thanks Crystal"

Posted by: Terrie Lynn on 01/29/16
" Thank you crystal for all your help "

Posted by: L on 01/28/16
" thank you .....shes awsome "

Posted by: Teri on 11/28/15
" Crystal was excellent! Very quick responses and she knew the people I was asking about - it was like she was reading their thoughts!!"

Posted by: CC on 11/24/15
" Sending nothing but love! Thank u for our talk :) YOU are the best! "

Posted by: L on 11/20/15
" honest accurate to the point…no bs…no false fairy tales…"

Posted by: re on 11/01/15
" She is awsome "

Posted by: Teri on 10/10/15
" Very Good-thank you <3"

Posted by: Teri on 08/09/15
" Thanks Crystal for the clarity, it pretty much verifies what I privately already know..I"ll be curious to see how it plays out."

Posted by: Terrie Lynn on 08/08/15
" Thank you Crystal you brought clarity to my situation and made me feel much better...I can move forward knowing what path to take now"

Posted by: Wondering Mind on 08/04/15
" I tried her tonight for the first time - she is awsome! I loved her upbeat personality & she answers fast. I am so impressed! Thank you <3"

Posted by: Teri on 07/30/15
" She really is very good! very gifted! highly recommend her!! Don't miss out! Thank you Crystal!!"

Posted by: GF on 07/29/15
" Thank you very much for your clear and accurate reading. You are very talented! Genuine advisor"

Posted by: Vee on 12/27/14
" She was amazing!! Truly gifted. I have so much problems with crooked landlord and crystal was able to accurately, able pick up everything I was sensing bit needed verification. She is only my favorite list!! I will keep calling her, and I highly recommend her!"

Posted by: Maria on 11/25/14
" Crystal ..... YOUR AWESOME. Don't doubt this lady and her ability. Straightforward and doesn't tell you something unless she sees it. She puts it out there in a caring, compassionate way. I've spoke to her for months now and she's always been consistent never giving me false hope or timelines. "

Posted by: Lwebb01 on 10/01/14
" Again, you AMAZE ME with your insight.. You've been thru this since this began with me months ago and I'm so grateful for that. Thank you, Crystal :) your AWESOME. "

Posted by: Lwebb01 on 08/22/14
" I wanted to wait until time had passed before leaving a review for Crystal to see if her predictions came true and I am happy to say that they did!!! What an amazing reading this woman gave me! In addition to providing accurate predictions, she was able to connect to the situation so easily, meaning I gave her absolutely no information and she knew exact details. I've spoken to a ton of psychics in my day and I've never had a reading this good before. This woman is the real deal! "

Posted by: Debbie on 07/08/14
" Crystal you amaze me! 2nd time we have had a chat session and you pinpoint my situation. Thank you, for your help and insight I WILL be contacting you back! <3 "

Posted by: Lawebb on 05/30/14
" This is my second reading from Crystal. My first was a/b two weeks ago. Everything she told me came true. So I came in to update her. I like that she is fast, and seems to connect very well. I also like that she just puts the information out there and only advises if you ask her for it. But other than that she is just giving you the information to what you ask. "

Posted by: Ash on 05/13/14
" She was very accurate and gave practical advise. She had a lot of insight about my situation and topic i ask her about. I was amazed at how in tune she was with what is currently going on in my life. I will def check back in and have another reading with her. "

Posted by: Ashley on 04/28/14
" very good!!"

Posted by: anonymous on 03/29/14
" Thank you for your patience and understanding. I am angry right now, but you handled me well. :)"

Posted by: Pink Me on 03/11/14
" She gives you a lot of details ! Very helpful and fast I highly recommend !!"

Posted by: Anonymous on 01/19/14
" She is very good "

Posted by: Josephine on 12/25/13
" love crystal! this was my second reading with her, and she is so nice and gives very detailed readings that answer ALL your questions. She's my favourite!!"

Posted by: krystal lee on 12/22/13