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From: MN

StarzRainbowRose's Reviews

"StarzRainbowRose did an energy healing for me in the solar plexus and throat chakras. I was expecting to get a short reading back with two energy cards to meditate on. I requested them yesterday, 6-27 and received them today, 6-28. These were personally generated and guaranteed not to be used for anyone else. Only for me and my needs. What I got back was a long and detailed reading. I got one over-all balancing card. I also received an energy card for being scattered and unable to focus, and one for emergency alignment situations. I also got one personal energy card to stay connected to my highest purpose and my integrity. AND I received two compassion cards to help me release blame for myself and others. I also received two highest wisdom cards for enhancing my connection to Spirit and my channeling abilities. I asked for two energy cards and I received 8 (eight)! Wow oh wow! StarzRainbowRose went above and beyond! Just what I'd expect from a StarzPsychic reader! I'm not saying that you will receive 8 energy cards. You may not get that many. What you WILL get is personal attention. LOTS of it! I mentioned needed energy cards for peace, wisdom and communication because I was blocked in all of those areas. That was it. The rest, RainbowRose (Riki) connected with on her own. The rest she included to help me get grounded and focused because she wanted to really take care for me. She didn't have to, but she did! I'm SO glad I chose StarzRainbowRose to do my energy cards! "
- Alicia J.

"StarzRainbowRose is awesome. She gave me immediate insight into my issues and the meditation cards are absolutely awesome. I've never been so drawn into energy work as I was with the cards she sent for each issue that needed attention. I will continue to follow her instructions and feel confident resolution is near at hand. Her approach is unique, comforting and at the same time amazing! I would recommend her to anyone who needs more than just a chat because what she gives in response can be used over and over. "
- Katty252

"I am from Mexico and I have been coming to Rose for healing sessions over the phone for a long time. I know it might sound crazy, but she can actually see the entitys that are attacking me and helps to remove them from me. When she gets done I always feel a lot better. Alex "
- Alex

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