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Double Strand, Chriysocolla Jasper (Dyed), Dyed Jade, Rock Crystal Leather Wrapped Bracelet

Sold by: StarzMataya1

If you like vibrant blue this is the bracelet for you! Two strands of beaded leather will wrap your wrist. The beads are woven on 2mm black leather. This is a beautiful wrap bracelet. Chrysocolla Jasper is used for peace, wisdom, and love. Chrysocolla Jasper worn can attract love as well as increase wisdom and grant the power of discernment. Jade helps with love, healing, wisdom, protection, prosperity, and money. Crystal helps with protection, healing, psychic ability, and power. This stone is also called Rock Crystal and is the most popular of the Quartz family. Please let me know if you need a different size other than the size stated. You can contact Natalie Sist with your request. She can then contact me. Rule of thumb for figuring out how long your wrap bracelet should be: measure your wrist, add .5 to .75 to the measurement and then multiply it by the number of wraps. Example for a 3 wrap: my wrist is 6.5 + .75 = 7.25 x 3 = 21.75. Please look at the photo for clarity. Please keep your jewelry dry. Ships from San Diego area.

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