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The Personal Hygiene Mistakes That Most People Are Guilty Of

Aug 3, 2022

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You clean behind your ears, scrub at the crannies between your toes, and even remember to wash your hands before you eat, and yet, you’re still crawling with bacteria says this from There’s no eradicating all the filth in our lives no matter how much we clean, but there are some common areas we should pay extra attention to. These illuminating tips will bring to the surface your worst hygiene mistakes.
Turns out there is such thing as being too clean. Constant scrubbing with bath products can seriously dry out your skin. The dryness actually makes it easy for thousands of species of bacteria on the human body to penetrate your skin.
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Only Showering In The Morning
Yes, showering in the morning has many benefits. Still, showering before bed does the body good, too. Our heads bring a hefty amount of bacteria to our pillowcases each night — and please consider the state of your sheets.
Cloth Diapers
The University of Arizona released research that washing cloth diapers in laundry machines without proper disinfection and high temperature exposure can transfer E.coli to future loads of laundry.
Old Toothbrushes
By the same token, all that added oral hygiene won’t make a difference if you’re using an ancient toothbrush. Dentists suggest you replace your toothbrush every three months at minimum, and sooner if those bristles start fraying.
Reusing Towels
Not washing your towels once a week leaves you vulnerable to ailments like athletes foot, warts, and various fungi and yeast. Plus, infrequent laundering can trigger flare-ups for people with skin conditions.
Nail Biting
This one might be one of the dirtiest habits of the lot. Frequent nibbling at your nails can lead to a slew of illnesses, and for this man, an infection that necessitated emergency surgery.
Replacing Razors
Chances are you’re using your razor way too long. It’s recommended that men use facial blades only a few times. Women should replace razors after 3 or four uses to prevent infections, trapped fungus, molds, or yeast.
Using Phones On The Toilet
A 2015 survey conducted by Verizon Wireless concluded that 90% of people admit to bringing their phones to the bathroom. Germs are the main problem but also, this habit causes hemorrhoids! If you’re on the can, no phone should be in hand.
Expired Cosmetics
Ignoring the tiny printed expiration dates on your makeup products is not worth it, even for the expensive stuff. Bacteria, mold, yeasts, and fungi can lead to rashes, bumps, pink eye, infections, and permanent damage.
Not Enough Tooth Brushing
Some of us struggle to brush twice a day, and we’re barely scratching the surface when it comes to the upkeep our mouths should receive. In reality, we should brush and floss between every single meal.
Hot Showers
Consistent exposure to scalding hot water can irritate your skin. Dermatologists say your body can be stripped of natural oils and fats that keep skin healthy. It’s even worse for people with existing skin conditions.
Pillow Cases
Try getting to sleep tonight thinking about all the deeply marinated bacteria, skin cells, and fluids inside your bed. Luckily, frequent laundering of our bedding, including our incredibly dirty cotton pillowcases, helps us rest easy.
Too Much Cleaning
Swiping every surface with a bleach-based cleaner eases anxieties about germs, however, that level of sanitation isn’t conducive to human life. In some cases, it can increase the risk of asthma and allergies.
Sharing Nail Tools
You wouldn’t share your toothbrush with a friend, and the same thought process should extend to nail clippers or even files. Microscopic skin cells and bacteria linger on these tools, so they need regular cleaning.
Ignoring Carpets
All the vacuum fanatics take heed: Your carpets can still be dirty. Think about it — if you only vacuumed your clothes, they wouldn’t be clean. Regular carpet shampooings are the only way to remove trapped bacteria and viruses.
Wiping Sweat
At the gym, when the droplets start dripping down your nose, resist the urge to mop it up with your hands. Those people who carry sweat towels have the right idea. Constantly touching your face in such a public space is a bacteria-fueled nightmare.
Ignoring Hairbrushes
Lurking on that hairbrush, even with your wad of old hairs removed, are plenty of bacteria. Brushes need regular cleaning too. Otherwise, they can harbor dead skill cells, oils, and dust mites.
Not Handwashing
A 2009 study from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention found 35% of women and 69% of men don’t wash their hands after using public restrooms. Those statistics alone should make you wary of every public surface.
Ignoring Germ Hotspots
Dog toys, remote controls, light switches — many commonly handled objects in our daily lives rarely get the attention from disinfectant cleaners that they deserve. The following items need to be cleaned way more often than you'd think.
Almost everyone owns one, but no one thinks to give the machine a thorough wipe down every morning. Our hands touch dirty surfaces and then the screens, transferring a whole bunch of grime.
Computer Keyboards
These surfaces are constantly being touched with our hands. People who use a computer on a daily basis should give the keys a cleaning once a week.
Kitchen Counters
It doesn't take a genius to know these surfaces see more food than anywhere else, so they require daily cleaning. Better to put the effort in to scrub them down than risk contaminated food.
It's too easy to cut yourself on a razor when the blades begin to dull after prolonged usage. If you swap out the old for new every two weeks, you should be fine.
Sure, these appliances leave your dishes sparkling clean, but little bits of food tend to gather on the walls and at the bottom. Once a month, give the racks a scrub and run a cycle without dishes.
Unless you have a job where you're coming home filthy every day, you don't need to thoroughly clean furniture constantly. Once a month, give couch cushions a vacuum and wash other furniture linens in the washing machine.
Window Blinds And Curtains
Once every four months, take the blinds and curtains (if you also have them) down for a good scrubbing. Use hot soapy water for the blinds and beat the dust out of the curtains.
Most people never even think to clean these out, but the damp air they create can cause the perfect environment for mold and mildew to spring up. Every three days give these a wash.
Ceiling Fans
Have you ever run your fingers on the top of one those blades and gasped at the amount of dust? Once every three months, wash the blades with all-purpose cleaner so the dust doesn't circulate.
These are clearly the dirtiest areas of any home. The bowl can serve as a breeding ground for harmful bacteria, so they should be cleaned once a day (yeah, that's a tall task). Oddly enough, a can of Coke can do the trick!
Shower Curtains
These curtains hang in the same place you clean yourself, but they can still develop grime. Mold loves moisture, so take those curtains down once a month and wash them with white vinegar to kill bacteria.
Remote Controls
You don't even think about how many hands might potentially touch a remote control throughout the day, and how unclean those hands are. Wipe them down weekly to ensure they're fresh.
Makeup Brushes
If you leave brushes unwashed, the bacteria that forms can cause acne, which, ironically is the reason some people use makeup in the first place. Give them a good rinse weekly.
Air Conditioner Filters
If you neglect these filters — which many people do — dust and bacteria from the outside starts circulating inside your home or apartment. So, clean them monthly.
Most towels are used after hand washing or showers, so our bodies are clean when we handle them. But, that doesn't mean they stay clean, and they should hit the washing machine after four uses.
Unlike most other forms of undergarments, bras don't need a washing after every single use. But, that doesn't mean go months without cleaning them either. Every three or four wears is fine.
Bed Linens
These linens, unlike the kind you might have on your couch or other furniture, should be washed once a week. Sheets trap dead skin cells, hair, and sweat, and you don't want to marinate in that.
Picture Frames
A layer of dust on picture frames isn't just unhealthy to breathe, it's also an eyesore. Using a microfiber cloth, give those photos a once-over every week.
Rugs, Carpets, And Hardwood
Foot traffic can bring in a lot more germs than you think. Shoes track whatever they were walking on inside, so it's best to give those floors a cleaning every week. There are plenty of tricks to get carpets and hardwood shining bright!

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