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Sharing the Vision with StarzMayaMoon

Feb 8, 2016

      "With all my love"

I sent my love a message,
 it came straight from the heart.
Filled with hopeful treasures,
  convinced we'd never part.

I sent my love red roses,
  wrapped in pink and gold.
One for every memory,
  of the future I was told.

I waited ever patiently,
  my anticipation high.
Of course my love would come to me,
  As the days, then weeks passed by.

I sent my love a message,
  to reassure his mind.
Of course I would be faithful,
  I was the faithful kind.

I sent my love a vision,
  we were walking hand in hand.
Beneath the vibrant moonlight,
  Just exactly as I planned.

I cherished each worn copy,
  a year had come and gone.
The letters all so gently saved.
  like a favorite childhood song.

I sent my love a message,
  no need to explain.
I still waited patiently,
  and there I would remain.

I scurried to the mailbox,
  sure that I would find.
The life I had been dreaming of,
  was finally to be mine.

I took the large box from the shelf,
  and emptied to the ground.
The answer that was waiting,
  the truth I finally found.

I sent my love a message,
  it seemed to say goodbye,
Laid it near the emptied box,
  "return to sender", love denied.

Written and copyright protected by Starz Maya Moon
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