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Cards by StarzRainsLovingInsight - Goose

Feb 27, 2018


I am Goose, the guardian of the journey. I am the soul who travels. I am the quest within. I am the greatest story ever told you have been avoiding the unknown roads ahead in favor of the old and familiar. You are indecisive. It may be time to seek warmer pastures, as I am the call to a great life-altering journey. Every great tale starts here. Every hero heeds a call. I may inspire a road trip, or open your eyes to those wide-open spaces on the other side of the fence. Rest assured that no matter where I lead you you will never return home the same. I stir the heart and make it restless. I push you from comfort and wake up your senses. You will traverse these far off places as I lead your spirit onward.

You are the quest.
You are searching for the new.
You are the adventurous hero.
You are Goose.

The Goose wants you to take that road that is unknown. Don't be afraid to go there. You are being taken down this less known place because they want you to succeed. There are many things around you that are leading you to your success. You will be going on a life altering journey that will take you down your path you are meant to be going down!

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Image: Angel Inspiration Deck by Kim Dreyer, The Winged Enchantment written by Lesley Morrison Artwork by
Linda Hunt

Image used with permission of USGames Systems, Inc. Further reproduction prohibited.*

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