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"Our journey of self-discovery; finding our true identity" Part 2

Feb 2, 2016


"Our journey of self-discovery; finding our true identity"
   Part 2

So as we continue to look at identity and self-awareness there is absolutely cross over influences from our spiritual self, emotional self and the ego or external self. My guides teach that our spiritual core contains and retains all the memories from all previous lives', all of our collective DNA (ancestral, instincts, cultures) and memories from the current life which even include those while we were in utero! Of course some of those ideas or belief's push the envelope and it's not necessary to adhere to or even subscribe to a belief in past lives' or "ancient memories" to garner tools and insights into a higher state of knowing one's true self. When we use the word or phrase "true self"; spiritually and speaking only for my perspective taught via my guides we are referring to the purest form or energy of our spiritual self. If we were able to deduct or subtract ALL forms of negative energies or influence and/or any experience, event, relationship or even perception that in some way blocks our true expression we would then uncover that "true self". So this exists within all human beings and the further we become from that true self the weaker our identity becomes or even exists.
And self-identity as we mentioned in part 1 is most certainly a journey and a process and in many respects an ongoing evaluation as we navigate our human and physical life.
So often we may assume that we know our true self or even feel or assume we are connected and self-aware when in truth we have only scratched the surface and are "awareness" is only the outside or the more obvious or general that defines us.
If we think of self-awareness and our true identity as a house for example; we have the exterior, the presentation of the outside of the house which would equate with our "ego" self. The persona we present to the world or in some humans, that which we perceive to present. And surely most if not all of us can relate to a situation where the outside or the "exterior" of a home (or even a building, store, shop, etc.) created or seemed to present an energy, ambiance or an assumption was created only to walk inside and find the interior was actually quite the opposite or just perhaps very different from what was or had been expected. And so the interior of a home becomes or symbolizes that step closer to our "true" self or puts us further into what is rather than what is perceived. And we have also interacted with other humans at some point in whom the external or style of clothing, hair, etc., gave off or created an instant assumption only to find that the "true" or the real person was nothing close to what we had assumed. Much like the old adage, "don't judge a book by its cover". And the importantance to note in this is how easily we can become detached from our true self or for a variety of reasons the gap between who we truly are versus what we present or even our own self-perception becomes skewed or temporarily altered or blocked.
If we take this one step deeper; using the house analogy we may even find that what we see on the inside or interior can often be somewhat misleading or not fully accurate in what lays further beyond- the core of self (true or highest self) or in this use the home. So for example, we may visit a neighbor or friend's home and the interior seems or appears messy and cluttered. Perhaps the furniture is unmatched and presents with stains, rips or tears. We would begin to assume or presume certain stereotypes or we may for example conclude that the owner is struggling financially. Or perhaps too busy with other interests or projects to notice or care. And beneath or within the interior of what is visible lays the foundation and the actual structure of the home. And we may often be or become far off course from the actual structure and/or foundation to what is first or initially presented from the exterior. So a home may appear from the exterior or interior to be lacking in substance or strength yet if we were able to see behind the walls we would actually find the very opposite. The highest quality lumbar, insulation an incredibly solid core. Or we may find that to be reversed with the exterior and interior presenting a home that is stable, study and strong in core, yet if we had the ability to see the "skeletal" structure we could be shocked to find disintegrating wood, rotting and insufficient or inferior products barely holding the structure in one piece.
So taking that visual analogy as spiritual beings living our physical life our actual identity and core being or "true" self can often follow a very similar pattern. What we present to others and perhaps that which we even believe or have accepted to be our identity is only a front created via circumstances, experiences, relationships and an identity which we may have donned or assumed but is simply not a true reflection of who we are. And in some instances our amazing and unique ability to adapt to the shifts and changes in our life both internal and external are nothing short of amazing. And that flexibility or being able to adapt or shift our external or the presentation can often assist us in fitting in, being able to be at peace with current circumstances and find a measure of happiness or joy via such persona's or presentation.
And that is to a degree an important part of coping of learning to work in harmony with others, and to achieve that "state of grace" with again whatever the current circumstance or situation may be. So while the flexibility to wear a suit and tie to pursue our professional goals and ambitions when we are more comfortable in a pair of jeans is a positive attribute. Living that suit and tie and losing the identity of what lies behind that is a disconnection from self and our true identity.
The further we get from that core energy, whatever truly defines us as "me" or "I" the more difficult healthy relationships, happiness, faith, hope and embracing the potential of the future becomes. So in a sense we can take on a "role" and play a character but only if doing so brings us closer to our dreams or that which we desire to creates and/or manifest.
For those that play a role or designate a character or assume traits or characteristics that are in opposition to the true self, the greater the risk of losing our highest identity and becoming lost or disconnected from whom we truly are; therefore what we truly wish to become and/or attain.
So although at some point most of us have learned some adaption techniques and to a degree need or choose to conform because the outcome serves the highest self or greatest good. When that becomes more of who we allow ourselves to be or overshadows or overtakes our true self so we no longer recognize the reflection, then it's time to learn how to reconnect and find our true self and true identity.

Next; more on the difference between adaption and disconnection. ~

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