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Astro Forecast by StarzCelestial

Feb 16, 2016

We have several events happening this week that should be taken notice of - It would seem that the Aquarian/Uranian energies are amping up this week, and this is how they will be doing it:

First of all Mercury went into Aquarius on the 14th, which will give all of our minds full agitation.  The key here is that the mind, which leads to the body, then the spirit - is seeking freedom and breaking out of old routines.  The way the mind does this, is to look at existing conditions within, and try to find solutions to find a way out of them.  The necessity for complete freedom of thinking here, is the way to go.  The issues can look as though one is stuck, or trapped in self-limiting thought patterns.  When one finds the box in which a limiting thought occurs, then the breakout is possible.  One has to be able to look at something wholistically, in other words, to see a problem from all its angles, then somehow jump outside of the thoughts and change the way you look at it.  Mercury in Aquarius is always challenging us to shift our focus and look at something in a completely new way.  If one can do that, the problem will usually dissipate or shift into another place, and one won’t feel the tugs from the thought patterns anymore.

And having said that….Venus goes into Aquarius the 18th.  When our minds are moving in a Uranian mode, then parts of our lives get to be examined under that filter.  Venus is about our relationships. and so, the Uranus Model will also apply to that area of our lives as well.  Venus in Aquarius is, by its very nature, looking at relationships in a very detached and equal manner. So while Venus goes through this sign, the energies around our partnerships will become less romantic, and more equal and practical.  If your relationship has gotten rather co-dependent in the last little while, then Venus going through Aquarius should help it.  Things can balance and become equal again!

And finally, Uranus/Pluto close again, in a square.  This will have us looking very deep into the connections we have with others, and perhaps throw them into the Aquarian/Uranian mode - somehow finding that two people are deeply connected, but also very detached and equal to each other.  This influence should be around for the next couple of weeks until the end of February.

Remember, we’re looking for equality and the celebration of the individual for the rest of February!  If you feel like you’re being pushed down, then its time to rear your head and make YOU count!!

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