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Sharing the Vision with StarzMayaMoon - Spiritual Resources Part 1

Feb 16, 2016

"Spiritual resources"
Part 1 - Recap on Starz Blogtalk radio

Per our usual schedule, Starz Blogtalk is a live broadcast on Monday nights at 8pm EST. We discuss a variety of topics and invite listeners to call in to share general input or ask general questions, readings are done in the chatroom hosted by StarzPriestessKandi which runs during the show so specific questions cannot be addressed on air.

Yesterday's show (Monday, 2/16) featured spiritual resources and hosts included Natalie, AKA StarzCast (Owner, founder, CEO of Starz and affiliates) and myself, Starz MayaMoon. Remember that all shows are recorded and can be found on Starz homepage with a variety of venues for listening to prior shows.

Our discussion on this topic was filled with insight and useful information and the following is a brief synopsis of some of the highlights from the show.

Also note that as with all spirituality; there are various view and belief systems, and this is simply a sampling of our insights and guidance.

We all carry within our core or spiritual center the memories of our childhood and some even believe that memories can and are created in utero (my guides support this belief). In addition to our current life memories, we also carry generational memories, those of our specific families, generations and origins as well as the universal or the "collective" memory that all humans share. Among other memories and instincts that which set us apart from other living mammals.

For many of us dealing with both the everyday challenges of life and specific challenges based on circumstances, events or experiences often create a form of disconnection. During that shift or difficulty, we can "neglect" our spiritual self. There are many ways in which we can reconnect or reaffirm our spiritual being/self-helping us to become grounded, balanced and better equipped to deal with life stressors.

Just as we are all different and varied in for example our food or taste preferences, we also can vary or differ in what works or serves best for spiritual affirmation or tapping into our resources. Natalie shared with us that she has made a habit of using meditation, prayer and even her tactile senses by covering up with a heated blanket that carries sentimental meaning. Paraphrasing her insights and suggestions, she often lets her mind drift to an early memory, such as a childhood recollection of a time she felt joy, peace or happiness. When the stress of perhaps running a major business can be at times overwhelming she seeks her "meditation, blanket and prayer time" to reset her spiritual self and reconnect. Also she suggested using daydreams, perhaps about a future endeavor or maybe our "dream vacation". Or it may be as simple as a place we have visited or desire to visit and adding embellishments as we allow ourselves to reach almost a state of sleep. In fact Natalie admitted that she has on occasion found herself drifting off, because her meditation ritual was so very soothing and comforting!

There are really no "wrong" ways or practices when it comes to achieving that higher state. If we keep foremost in our mind that the "intention" is to allow our natural ability to heal and release toxins via our spiritual energy as the intention, the specifics of how we accomplish that are secondary.

Natalie and I both agreed that music can be a wonderful way of escaping and "resetting" our energy into a higher level. Any time we achieve grounding, balance or peace, we reach that lovely "state of grace" and our current problems or issues become easier to face and deal with. My guides have always believed that music is felt as well as heard and therefore has the potential to shift our energy to a higher level or vibration.

We all have use of our 5 senses; hearing, seeing, tasting, smelling and feeling. And any one of these or a combination of one or more can be used to tap into our spiritual resources.

For those that seem to struggle with meditation or keeping their thoughts quiet and/or in control; another method may work best. Anything from lighting scented candles, looking through picture albums, to caressing our pet can be used as a meditative type of resource for reconnection or simply releasing any residue or build up that life so often throws at us.

Our spiritual core and energy is according to my guides the top of the pyramid and therefore carries the highest authority and power to assist our other functions, such as emotion (affect) and cognitive (thinking) and let's face very few if any of us humans don't have a time in life when we desperately need a break or could use a spiritual revival so to speak.

Be sure to read this week's blog as my guides continue to channel information on "Spiritual resources", the importance of making a commitment and utilizing a myriad of resources to help us achieve our personal best. ~

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