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20 Brilliant Paper Towel Hacks That We Wish We Knew About Years Ago

Dec 24, 2020

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Whether you store them in the garage, under the sink, or in that weird cabinet that seems too oddly shaped for anything else, chances are you keep a few rolls of paper towels handy at all times says this article from Sure, using them to wipe up messes seems pretty straightforward, but shouldn't a product that prides itself on strength do a bit more heavy lifting around the house? Forget those constant trips to the grocery store — these hacks prove that a roll of paper towels is all you'll ever need.
1. Chill Out
Need to chill drinks quickly for company or your daily commute? Simply wrap the bottles or cans in a damp paper towel and put them in the freezer for a quick chill. Science is cool!
2. Swiffer Hack
If you run out of Swiffer pads and need one in a hurry, look no further than your paper towel roll! Just wrap your Swiffer head in a damp paper towel and you're ready to go!
3. BBQ Hack
Spending the day grilling for a holiday or special occasion? Use a mini flag stand as a makeshift paper towel holder. You'll have easy access and the wind won't blow the roll away!
4. Hardened Sugar
Brown sugar has a pesky habit of hardening into clumps as the natural moisture inside evaporates. To get that sugar back out of shape, simply put a wet paper towel over the clumps and microwave for 25 seconds. Problem solved!
5. Double Duty
Want to improve the scent of your kitchen? Get your paper towels working overtime by dropping some essential oils inside the cardboard tube. Your paper towel roll now doubles as an air freshener!
6. Fresh Veggies
Maximizing the shelf life of your fresh produce can go a long way toward eating healthy on a budget. To protect your veggies and extend their freshness, storing them in a damp paper towel is sure to do the trick!
7. DIY Ice Pack
Feeling some muscle pain and don't have any ice packs or frozen peas? You can make your own makeshift ice pack by putting a damp paper towel into the freezer for a few minutes and then molding it to your body!
8. Coffee Time
If you're ever craving coffee but out of filters, have no fear! Simply toss a paper towel into your coffee maker in place of the filter and get to brewing!
9. No Slip
Do you ever struggle with slippery cutting boards? Putting a wet paper towel underneath will help alleviate all that annoying sliding and wobbling — and maybe save you a few stitches, too.
10. Healthy-ish
Everyone loves fresh bacon, but this delicious treat can be very greasy. For a simple fix, toss those strips onto a few layers of paper towels and let them soak up that gross grease — your body will thank you.
11. Fresh Salad
Like fresh veggies, salads can be difficult to keep fresh once exposed to air. But with just a paper towel sealed inside the bag or container, your salads will stay green and delicious for up to a week!
12. Slippery Olive Oil
You pour some olive oil from the bottle and a little drips down, making the glass all slimy — it happens to the best of us. To avoid slippery fingers, simply wrap the neck of the bottle in a paper towel and secure with a rubber band.
13. Fresh Pasta and Rice
Pasta or rice keep reheating too dry and hard? Next time, put a damp paper towel on top of the food before microwaving it and your dish will come out as fresh as mama used to make.
14. Cleaning Griddles
Because of their electrical parts, most waffle irons and other plug-in griddles can't be cleaned in the dish washer or submerged in water. To get the whole thing sparkling clean, a wet paper towel is your best bet.
15. Microwave Hack
Just like with pasta and rice, you can liven up veggies in the microwave with the help of a paper towel. All you have to do is wrap the veggies in a dry paper towel before microwaving to keep them crunchy and fresh!
16. Safe Transport
Are you attending a potluck with friends or family and need to bring your own cutlery? Save yourself a game of "I accidentally cut myself" by sheathing knives and other sharp utensils in a paper towel roll tube.
17. Cleaning Stainless Steel
Ran out of stainless steel cleaner? Just put some WD-40 on a paper towel to get your stainless steel looking shiny and brand new in no time!
18. Microwave Cleaning Hack
Cleaning the microwave can be a pain, but this simple hack makes it easy. Simply place a damp paper towel in the microwave for 3 minutes and the steam it releases will do all the work for you!
19. TP Hack
The year 2020 showed us that toilet paper can sometimes be in short supply, so if you ever find yourself free of TP, just cut a roll of paper towels in half. Be careful, though, because the paper towels won't be as, well, pleasant as normal toilet paper!
20. Thanksgiving Hack
Transferring gravy from the stove to your gravy boat can get messy. Avoid the cleanup by placing a paper towel underneath the gravy boat before the transfer. This easy hack will save you time and effort on the back end!

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