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Nov 24, 2020

The candles on your birthday cake
 May fill the room with light,
 But someone as wonderful as you
 Makes all our days so bright!
Our favorite founder and CEO has a birthday today and we'd like you to ALL join in and wish her a very happy birthday!
It's Natalie's birthday and a GREAT day to get a reading to look at YOUR year ahead!!
What you see when you sign in to Starz Psychics is the result of the hard work and dedication Natalie aka Starzcast has put into it. 
Natalie spent years building awareness, making sure the site was beautiful and easy to navigate and interviewing and bringing you top-class Reader/Advisors that it's really a dream come true.
Little by little, piece by piece, she built the web site to give light to the world.  She poured her heart and soul into it and it was good.
The Starz Family (Mystic Living Today, StarzBlogTalkRadio, the Starz Emporium, Planet Starz and the Starz Blog) have come a long way under her well-orchestrated direction.  But it has taken lots and lots of dedicated hours to bring you the best Family on the Internet.
Our sister site, Mystic Living Today, an e-Zine, was born of her fertile imagination and she was surrounded by love from the people who contributed articles, stories and reviews.
Then, one morning Natalie woke up and said, “We need more!  The world needs a place filled with understanding and truth,” and so Starz Psychics was born with amazing Advisers and Readers for everyone’s enjoyment.
This year our awesome Founder continues a fantastic series of interviews on StarzBlogTalkRadio!  Yes, one more amazing facet to this spectacular person we're celebrating today. The programs are filled with awesome people who bring beautiful thoughts to the world.
The Akashic Bookstore holds links to the publications of all the fantastic people Natalie has interviewed on her radio program.  Be sure to check it out.
Be sure to visit the Starz Emporium, a magical place filled with gift ideas, extra opportunities for readings and an awesome mix of unique experiences. Natalie's own personal Starz Psychics card deck (available for purchase in the Starz Emporium) is doing just great.  [insert link to Emporium]
The Starz Blog is filled with a far ranging variety of informational articles posted daily for your reading pleasure.  Come read it and stay a while then choose a reader for the best experience.
Please join with us here at Starz Psychics, Mystic Living today, The Starz Emporium, StarzBlogTalkRadio (and all the other lovely parts that Natalie has dreamed and made real for us) to wish her the HAPPIEST BIRTHDAY ever!
 Make a wish and blow out the candles, Natalie, it’s YOUR day to shine!!!
Your Loving Starz Staff

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