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Tarot Card of the Day by StarzGnosis - 4 of Cups

Jun 28, 2016


Keyword: Withdrawal Song: "100 Years" by Five for Fighting

Here, there's a figure sitting against the tree trunk. She's crossed her arms. To her right, the same clouded hand from the Ace of Cups is back. This time, offering her a fourth chalice.

She looks forward. It's unclear if she sees the three chalices before her on the ground.

Lots of Tarot readers will tell you this card means boredom, listlessness, or apathy. That's a LOT of negativity for one Tarot card!

And maybe they;re right. Or, maybe they're only seeing the obvious things.

To find out, let's look at the 4 of Cups again. There's the clouded hand offering the fourth chalice to the lady. There's the lady, arms crossed, staring at something. Maybe the 3 chalices?

There's the 3 chalices on the ground lined up nicely. There's the greenery on the tree and in the grass. Both suggest freshness and vitality.

What is unknown is why the woman ignores the fourth chalice. Why do that? And furthermore, what is she looking at?

I think she's not looking at the 3 chalices. I think she's not looking at anything at all.

Her stance seems passive aggressive. But what if that posture has nothing to do with boredom or apathy? What if that's her meditative pose?

What if she chooses to withdraw, to hold her self back, to think and reflect? What if her expression is one of concentration, not boredom?

I know, boredom and concentration look very different on someone's face. And you're right.

But why throw in the towel? Why not consider the possibility that emotional withdrawal is necessary?

I think she's reflecting over her emotional choices so far. Perhaps, like me, she has a list of Personal Principles and she's going over how she let herself down.

In not living up to her Personal Commandments, she's choosing to limit herself. Perhaps she's reflecting on why she limits herself?

Whatever the reason or reasons, now is the time to withdrawal. It's time to consider behavioral patterns, emotions and how your attitude limits you.

The 4 of Cups is a cautionary Tarot card. It cautions against holding yourself back".

To be sue, sometimes caution is good. Like, should you drive 120 down the freeway? Or, should you really tell your boss what you think of him?

Absolutely not! Heavens, no!

But, how many times have you missed talking to the boy or girl because you were nervous? How many times have you held back when a friend asked you what you thought of her date?

Withdraw to reflect on how you will do better next time. Don't withdraw because of fear or anxiety.

I'm not saying that you shouldn't acknowledge your fear or anxiety. You should. But strive to not let them limit you or your actions.

I suffer from withdrawal a lot. Recently, my love and I attended a play. And at one point, my spouse looks over at me and says, "You look angry."

And I think I was. But I was trying to enjoy myself. I was also holding myself back. I wasn't outright laughing. I was chuckling.

But the play was good. I loved it!

My mother had conditioned me to "not laugh loudly." I think because it wasn't lady-like. And so, I WAS miserable.

I was "holding myself back". It's hard to break-free of something you're conditioned from a young age to do, or not do.

I get it. You hold yourself back for reasons that are valid and I understand why.

When I'm out in public with my love, I don't always hold hands or walk right next to my spouse. Not because I don't want to, but because I worry what others will think of me.

I worry about being too loving. As crazy as that sounds, it's true!

Though I shouldn't I should listen to the words of the song for today and remember that not everything will matter when I'm 100.

Today, consider that you may live to be 100. And will the thing you worry about now, in the present matter to you then? Will the reasons you hold yourself back matter then?

How can you take one small step toward embracing yourself as you are? What one thing can you do to ensure you won't have to withdraw to think about how you behaved?

Be proactive! Live your life at full speed!

Don't wonder "What if?" Don't think about it too much.

Just be. Be you!

You can do it! I believe in you!

StarzGnosis (KNOW-sis) loves to withdraw. She loves to think things over. She also suffers from holding herself back. It's double-edged sword. One she weilds with lots of thought. She strives to always be authentic. Though, she doesn't always know what her authentic self would say or do. If you want an authentic psychic reading, feel free to stop by!

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