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Predictive Astrology

Jun 20, 2020

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Predictive astrology can help with soooo much in your life according to You may have some very important questions that you'd like to get some help with. Astrology can do that! (mostly anyway) If you're pondering some important life questions like:
When should I start a new beginning?
Astrologically, beginnings are associated with the Sun, 1st house, and new moons. When you have a planet positively aspecting your 1st house cusp, ruler, or Sun, this is a time for you to begin something, where the conditions are in your favor and you‘re in the mood for it. Harsh aspects to your 1st house cusp, ruler, or Sun are times where you can encounter many obstacles and delays when you try something new, or you aren’t comfortable with beginning anything.
When a planet is transiting your 1st house, this can help or hinder. Saturn in the 1st house is traditionally a difficult time for new beginnings, and you’re required to put in much more work; Neptune in the 1st house will make it hard for you to make up your mind and see everything you need to see, but is good for creative or spiritual ventures; Pluto in the 1st house can make you obsessed with the ventures you begin; Uranus in the 1st house makes you begin unexpectedly, pursue ventures that are unusual or different from usual, and you don’t think too much before you jump; and Jupiter in the 1st house makes new beginnings easier for you, presents opportunities to begin something to you, and things go in your favor.
The faster planets give you a surge of energy when in your 1st house or making aspects, especially Mars. Mars in your 1st house or aspecting the cusp, ruler, or Sun makes you want to begin something NOW. The urgency you feel makes it hard for you to ignore the energy.
A new moon in the 1st house is great for new beginnings in general; if you want to do something specifically, a new moon in the house ruling it is a good time, especially if that new moon also makes positive aspects to your planets.
The worst time to start something new is usually during a retrograde, especially in your 1st house, or in the house associated with what you want to begin. You’ll usually find that you can’t follow through, or have to go back to the drawing board. Unless, of course, you were born with that planet retrograde - then it might be the best time for you to begin!
When should I change direction?
There are times when we feel we need to change the direction we're heading in, and we know we want to, but aren't sure if it's the right time. Astrologically, Uranus is the planet of change, and Saturn rules your direction, so if you have a linkage between them (transit Uranus to natal Saturn or transit Saturn to natal Uranus), this can be the best time for a change of direction. Saturn naturally rules the 10th house while Uranus naturally rules the 11th house, so you can also have a good time for it when transit Saturn aspects your 11th house cusp or ruler, or transit Uranus aspects your 10th house cusp or ruler. Hard aspects (squares, oppositions) can be difficult, but even those can be worked in your favor, and actually, if you're really making a huge change or unsticking yourself from a rut, a hard aspect can be much better for you.
Retrogrades have a tendency to make us want to change our direction when they impact our Saturn, Uranus, 10th house, or 11th house, but they aren't usually the best times to actually do that because what comes during a retrograde will often leave once the retrograde is over. Mercury and Mars retrogrades can stimulate this need for a change in direction most, but it's something you shouldn't rush into with these two, no matter how much you want to.
Mars going through your 10th and 11th houses in normal forward motion can also be a good time to focus on your direction and make a change. As the planet of energy and drive, being in this house brings you energy and drive to make your direction a priority.
When should I work on myself?
There are times when it’s very good for you to focus on improving yourself. Astrologically, you can experience this with transits involving the 1st house, Sun, 8th house, Pluto, or 12th house. The 1st house is the house of the self, and also rules new beginnings, so when you’ve got planets going through this house, you can focus more on you and what you want to be doing and who you want to be. You can also see this with sextiles and trines to the 1st house cusp or ruler. The energy associated with the 1st house tends to be positive and upbeat, so you can work on yourself in a positive, upbeat way.
The Sun rules you, your true self, and transit aspects to your natal Sun can be great times for change. Sextiles and trines can make it easier, but the conjunctions, squares, and oppositions may actually be better for working on yourself because the energy is stronger, and you can be pushed to deal with things you wouldn’t normally but need to work on. This is especially the case with Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto.
The 8th house and its ruler, Pluto, rule transformations, as well as what you hold deep inside of yourself, and show a little of your inner darkness, so it makes sense for transits involving these two to be good for working on yourself. These transits can be much more serious though, and can take time before you see results or feel a change. The change needs to be deep and profound.
The 12th house rules your subconscious mind, so it governs your subconscious issues and motivations, making transits to the 12th house an excellent time for working on those subconscious issues, and better understanding your subconscious motivations. Transit Mars, Saturn, Neptune, or Pluto touring this house can be particularly good for undergoing this kind of self-analysis. The 12th house is also the last house and so is associated with endings and letting go, especially of emotional or spiritual baggage, so a lot of the work you do on yourself under a 12th house transit may be releasing of what you no longer need and has held you back.
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