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Sharing the Vision with StarzMayaMoon - "Manifesting our dreams versus investing in spiritual schemes" Part 6

Jun 24, 2016

"Manifesting our dreams versus investing in spiritual schemes"
Part 6

So assuming you have been following along and in doing so have reached the difficult conclusion that rather than following your dream, you are simply working to uphold and/or develop a scheme; we look at what it takes to shift the energy.

Just to be clear in what separates the two or the most significant factor that defines one or the other. Pursuing our dreams and turning intentions into the manifestation of an outcome or result relies on our internal and external energy or potential to create. A spiritual scheme however is the polar opposite, and although we certainly can dream, envision or desire an outcome or result, it always becomes dependent on an external shift. While all of our dreams, desires and visions require energy, faith, hope, risk and sacrifice; they are also all within or require that or those energies and choices that exist within. The difference in a spiritual scheme and focusing on relationships, attachments or the desire to create such is dependent upon "outsourcing"; which basically means that another human or a situation or circumstance well beyond our control must shift or change. And as we begin to embrace awareness and the fine lines that are actually quite significant we then start the journey of release, retraction or alterations.

Awareness is always the first step in change, enlightenment and realization. But for those that have created a pattern or perhaps have found or realized that their entire being and future has slowly become contingent on that which is well beyond their control, action can begin.

Because relationships, love, romance and the spiritual pursuit of another human generally are the biggest scheme. And in such lies the intention of creating a mutual goal, desire or bond that becomes the focus and expectation, it becomes the core of this topic or state of being.

In preparation for releasing those invisible bonds, or the attachments formed towards that human or that desired outcome, as mentioned we first must separate emotion from reality. The more we have "invested" or the longer we have lived in this state of energy, the more difficult it can become to retract, retreat and rebuild. Humans quite often relate that feeling/emotion or the indescribable bond, connection or attachment as that which is "supposed to be". And to support their theory when there truly exists no real proof, no input or in some cases a total lack of even the smallest symptom of another human's acknowledgement of our existence. Let alone any form of encouragement, giving or support. The "scheme" becomes justified as "meant to be" based on our own emotions or even a true or real feeling of spiritual bonding or engagement. However universal and most spiritual laws and teachings, show us that those things in life which ARE fated or destined to be, will find a way to exist, to become real, or move at some point towards that outcome. Therefore all of the energy we create for the purpose of supporting our emotional or spiritual scheme is still simply wasted and unhealthy in the influences it creates throughout and within our life. If such is indeed "meant to be" it will not require our unconditional giving, the focus of our entire being and the constant renewal of support or intention.

So that which IS fate/destiny or even perhaps Karma, will find its own way without the need or necessity for us to carry it as we would a heavy and literal burden. So just as faith and hope are the essentials for any/all dreams and visions, and our partners in life, for believing in self, collective, Divine and our future. True faith never requires a constant and persistent flow of energy, nor does it ever suggest that we deny all other potential or opportunities in favor of this one precise outcome.

So assuming you have come to terms with your position in a spiritual scheme, the next steps become difficult but never impossible as we learn to retract and/or disconnect from that specific energy. It does not necessarily mean we have to forever slam the door shut, it only indicates we will no longer stand at one door, propping it open, using all possible energy and resources to even keep it cracked open. This is a crucial point and where faith becomes the background rather than the centerpiece. To achieve the distinction and reclaim our power and life back, we allow the potential of faith or hope, rather than the expectation. We begin to make peace with the now, the present, and again while we can certainly see a desired outcome or perhaps a relationship to be ONE of the potential opportunities, we no longer view or feel it to be the ONLY path to fulfillment and happiness.

To alter our energy, attitude and state of being from an unhealthy and chaotic state of spiritual scheming, into the possible dream, we must be able to embrace and/or also envision that alternate paths exist. And to go a step further, to also use our faith in truly believing that desires, wants, and yearnings do not always equate with outcome. And often that outcome would not even serve our highest or greatest good. But spiritual scheming dismisses all other thoughts, feelings and signals, so that we live and become in a constant state of supporting that one and only potential.

As we learn to step back and we all must go at a pace that feels comfortable, but it also must be an action and the dedication to these shifts should be equal to, or at least lead to the equality of what we used to build the original scheme.

And not only does this alteration of our reality and sense of self help us to be rid of false hopes, or outcomes which are not possible for the moment. This also works on our trine or trinity (mind, heart, spirit) so that we are empowered on all levels allowing us to growth in all directions that are positive.

So in a sense we alter or shift our thoughts, and our being so that whatever potential (if any) exists it becomes a part of the bigger picture, rather than crowding out all other influences, energy and various potential intentions and manifestations. We then become and accomplish a major life lesson, living with, rather than for what may be possible. And realistically the majority of humans that find themselves within a scheme have quite likely already ignored many clues, signs and symbols offering clarity. But the past IS the past, and we learn lessons and often this can be a powerful lesson that we carry throughout our lifetime.

Stepping back; in order to sever that attachment and all that it entails, we are required to scale back so that we are no longer dumping or engaging all of our energy and/or intentions (lingering on the what if, the possible, etc.) and rather we simply engage our entire being into our life as a whole. Transferring our energy and being, or our way of existing is challenging, but once we engage in this new "freestyle", the majority of humans often feel a huge burden has been lifted and rather than chaos and anxiety, peace and harmony become restored.

So it becomes the control over our thoughts, imagination, and what visions we allow or how we allow those to effect and influence our lives. It becomes more a place or state of grace, where we accept responsibility for ALL of our actions, intentions and thoughts, and we begin to exert control over pouring out our spiritual and emotional resources into that "black hole". That hole is defined by anyone or any situation or relationship in which all the work, energy, sacrifices and risk come from within, and there is nothing given in return. Or in some cases it may be that the return on our "investment" is a bit like investing a hundred dollars for a high risk investment that may possibly give a return of a penny. The difference in a literal financial investment versus our spiritual and emotional is that we have total and complete control over OUR investment, and absolutely NO influence or control over another human being.

As we begin to release all that we have built up, it becomes much like rebuilding a house that has a foundation of straw. No matter how much we invest, or try to secure the walls, and adjoining structure, without that strong foundation to support the construction, we ultimately will be left with a building of no value.

It is a very challenging task, but we cannot be free nor can we truly be able to be open to receiving the myriad and numerous possibilities that exist if every part of who and what we are is vigorously supporting straw. We all need dreams, visions and the drive or ambition to succeed, but when we turn that into a scheme, we are in essence trying to fill a bottle that has a large hole. No matter how much we desire or how strong the connection WE feel, if there is no reciprocation, no equality we are simply spinning in spiritual and emotional circles, trying to collect on that which only exists within our desire, not in the external sense.

So altering or shifting from our scheme is pulling out, pulling back all the dedication, denial and unlimited resources we have been providing and instead, living our life in the now, with faith as the general partner, rather than the specific focus.

Next, more on how we disconnect, the perils and the obstacles that often block our highest path.

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