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Tarot Card of the Day by StarzGnosis - 7 of Pentacles

Jun 24, 2016


Keyword: Diligent Song: "Workin' for a Livin," by Huey Lewis and the News

Here, there's a figure with a hoe stacking pentacles into a pile. She pauses to admire her stash of 6 pentacles.  At her feet is another pentacle, the 7th and final one.

The typical message of the 7 of Pentacles is harvest. A gathering up of the fruits of your labor.

Hoeing anything is back-breaking work. It's tempting to just drag the hoe through the ground and free everything at once.

That;s not how it's done though. It's done one pentacle at a time with care and consideration.

This is the card of late nights, overtime, and extra chores. Why though?

Why commit to all this extra work? What could possibly drive someone to work three jobs on very little sleep?

A desperate need. Staring down the barrel looking at financial crises that won't stop coming.

Not too long ago, I faced eviction. I wasn't working, and my partner was working from home. And things weren't looking good for us.

We weren't making any money and spending money on the silliest things when we had money.

And we were behind on bills. A LOT of bills. Including rent.

The apartment complex served us a notice to quit. My spouse talked to a business partner and was able to get the money they wanted. We paid it-two days later than when they wanted it.

It all worked out though because they dropped the case. And we were able to move a to a new place that was right next to the ocean.

That was in May.

I know that we were lucky. If it weren't for that business partner, well, things would've gone very differently.

If you are starting down the barrel at a financial crisis, I know how you feel. You work your hardest and some emergency happens and you're back to square one with nothing.

It's not hopeless though. Don't let your down-trodden feelings get to you!

There's help and hope. And if you can do a little bit to give back, that's something! Nothing is too small to not do.

Those seeds you planted will sprout and you'll have a wonderful harvest when they do! Your efforts aren't unnoticed.

Take heart! The 7 of Pentacles appears to show that you're toil isn't for nothing. You've worked hard and you'll reap the rewards of your labors.

Are you unsure of how you're getting credit for your labors? Check in. Ask. Do it politely and with tact.

Check in with those below you if you're a manager or supervisor. Give a compliment sandwich and kind words of improvement.

Don't be too harsh or too critical. Let the flow of plenty carry you along!

Experiencing some lack right now? The 7 of Pentacles shows that it won't be that way for long!

You'll have what you need when you need it is the message of the this Tarot card. The Universe is watching and taking notes.

It will send what you need your way. God's great like that!

Trust in the flow and harmony of the 7 of Pentacles. All will be well soon!

StarzGnosis (KNOW-sis) likes sweet wine. Since moving to California, she has experienced a lack of "sweet" wines. She misses the wines of her homeland: Missouri. She works hard to bring you fresh interpretations. Let her know how she's doing! What could she add or improve upon?

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