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Sharing the Vision with StarzMayaMoon - "Manifesting our dreams versus investing in spiritual schemes" Part 4

Jun 22, 2016

"Manifesting our dreams versus investing in spiritual schemes"
Part 4

So hopefully those following this blog have been able to gain insight into the difference between "dreams and schemes". For most humans that always remains the most difficult part of this process is true recognition. A spiritual scheme is built on a desire, drive or wish for a specific outcome however doing so requires that we ignore reality and attempt to somehow fool our own self.

Dreams, desires, visions and all those things we yearn to fulfill are that which we focus our resources and energy into with the hope that it eventually results in an outcome. And as discussed in the prior blogs, the conflict or confusion can be significant.

One of the most functional and essential differences that we can apply to any/all paths of dreams versus schemes is within. It begins and ends with our ability or lack of such that the potential for any given outcome or result is more reliant upon on our own intentions, manifesting and actions than that of another person or external circumstances. Therefore the most essential key factor in separating the two is asking ourselves, is this possible via my own input; wheverver or however that input is given. If you are pursuing a new business for example, then the contigency of success and even the reality of it's existence should primarily depend on what (if any) resources we have to take action. While all things begin with how and what we think, an intention serves no real purpose without specific actions or roles we can embrace. So a new business not only requires a market or the potential consumer, but also our ability to either fund the project or raise the capital in order to fund a project. It would also require total dedication with faith, hope and the willingness to make any and all sacrifices and take necessary risks. The road or path from intentions or the "dream" is never an easy path. What makes it real or attainable is we are able to build the possiblity and we are willing to do whatever is required to fulfill the vision. On the other side, a business venture that is simple a "scheme" (not in the literal sense but spiritual) is that which requires resources above and beyond what we have access to. The analogy would be defined as a "spiritual scheme" if we desire to built a muti-milliion dollar company based on interior design. Yet we have absolutely NO experience in that field, have not prepared for investment (the start-up capital or money) and therefore have nothing within self whether literal or as the manifesting of the intention. This same business can be termed a dream, which means potential exists, if we are able and willing to become educated in the field and have researched and can comply with whatever the basic start up costs and consumer appeal requires.

So achieving or following our dreams versus a spiritual scheme is regardless of the specific's in terms of what, yet vary tremendously in the direction of HOW.

So for humans that find they have latched on, attached or focused on attaining or achieving an intention by manifesting and taking action. All actions must be based in some reality or proof that we can and will take all necessary steps to reach the expectation or outcome. If then the intention to realize a vision, a dream or to walk the path that leads to that specific outcome relies heavily on the external, we are only scheming. The universe and life as the collective is not swayed, altered or shifted simply by our "devotion" or tenancity. So for example if the desired outcome is totally or mainly dependent on all that is beyond our control, it is rare indeed that we will achieve the desired result.

And although this energy or the attachment to one specific outcome or expectation can encompass or entail almost any venue or branch of life, relationships seem to be the main focus.
I channel the teachings and belief systems of my guides which often overlaps with universal law. That is not to imply that other systems or beliefs have no merit, so all humans should stick to what resonates within their spiritual being. As long as we are not using a belief to simply justify a "scheme", there is not always a right/wrong view or set of views.

When it comes to relationships, more specifically those which are romantic in nature whether an actual romantic relationship already exists. Or we are intent on the development of such a relationship as a dream or a scheme, with a particular outcome being set as the outcome or goal.

The greatest obstacle and biggest factor when it comes to other human beings is the reality that we cannot change the free will of others. And humans seem to struggle over and over again in truly accepting this fact and then putting that into their strategy or in the process of manifesting. And there can be various reasons otherwise known as blocks or obstacles that within themselves define our intention to manifest as a pursuable dream versus a spiritual scheme.

So to use one example as an analogy; let's assume that you have met and become enamoured with another person. For many reasons, you feel a strong, unrelenting connection that you may feel powerless to control or manage. Perhaps the first encounters or interaction seemed to indicate some reciprocation. In some cases we may have even "dated" or had personal involvement with such person. Even without fully understanding the exact traits that have created this powerful connection; we immediately begin to focus on the possible outcomes that we desire. It may be marriage, or a life partner, or perhaps initially our intention is simply to invoke the same or some form of connection, emotional affect or any desire which creates a path for the future. If the feelings, connection, intention and agendas are somewhat equal, and there is tangible proof of such, we are serving our higher self to pursue this. And naturally as with the business module, we are prepared to invest any and all resources, prioritize the development or continuation. We glady accept the necessary or required sacrifices and are willing to take all risks. Love or the search for love and companionship are always the most risky of any other form of "investement". While money is vital to survival in the physical world, love or that attachment to another human with the intentions for a higher outcome are necessary for our emotional and spiritual survival. The difference is that a person in of themselves cannot provide happiness, balance or joy. It always comes from the relationship itsel and that is where many of us humans become lost along the path.

If for example after a set amount of time, whether at the very beginning or later into the attempts to build a relationship the other person begins to distance themselves, exits or lacks the same or similar "view" a decision is made from within.

Let's say that you have been dating for a few weeks and this person discloses they are on a very different and/or alternate path. If we are fortunate, they are able to be compassionate but honest as well. Or after a few dates, we no longer receive contact; they stop calling and no matter how many attempts we make, we are ignored or receive no reply. This is often the point where humans must be able to recognize that to continue to "feed" those orignal intentions, or to continue to manifest the original outcome, shifts from the dream or vision, the hope and faith of a long term relationship or even a romance becomes a spiritual scheme.

In that scenario, no matter what we are shown, given or receive, we continue to manifest with no ability to truly evaluate the existing reality. And because as humans we are often challenged and seek to overcome such challenges, we can easily become MORE attached to those intentions, thus we exhaust every possible resource in attempting to attain that outcome, expectation or vision. Humans will often make excuses and costly mistakes to their spiritual and emotional well-being by continuing to pursue that which is simply a spiritual scheme.

Remember, a spiritual scheme is to place intense focus on the future potential or changes and shifts that we attach to, in the energy that hope and faith only can change the current relationship (or lack of) and we begin to live between the past (the time, moment or perception of reciprocation and choice) versus acceptance and our state of grace.

Because we cannot simply "will" or "wish" another person to share our feelings and most important our intention, vision and expectation for the future, we become lost in a spiritual scheme.

And although our dreams, and that which can be attained always comes from within, the spiritual scheme and especially that which involves others, requires some input or support from that person. We cannot erect a structure without the proper materials, no matter how devoted we are to that outcome. Likewise, we cannot develop a relationship with only self.

So while it can be painful, disappointing and difficult to understand, we must be aware of and heed the universal laws and the spiritual lesson that ANY relationship will always require input and interaction by more than just one's self.
So why is this concept so difficult to accept, to heed and to release when it would seem so very obvious that no human can exert their desires or dreams onto another? It is the crux of the dream versus scheme and has the potential to destroy our life, when we are unable to focus on our life as a whole, but only for the purpose of an outcome that grows more unlikey in time.

Next, a closer look at relationships, and how we go from dreamer to schemer.

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