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Cards by StarzRainsLovingInsight - Conscious Spirit Oracle Deck - Kim Dreyer

Dec 3, 2019

Earth Elemental

"I gratefully accept the abundance the Earth bestows on me."


Interpretation below is by StarzRainsLovingInsight

This card is asking you to recognize that abundance flows from Gaia, Mother Earth.  She is also the foundation for the other three elements-Air, Fire and Water, all life.  Her vital life-giving energy flows into the water we drink and the plants we eat.  It flows into every creature, every rock and crystal on this planet.

Become a conscious consumer by eliminating toxins in your life. Do not use chemicals in your home or garden and avoid chemical-laden products that contaminate not only your body, but the Earth as well.  The Earth can only support healthy life if we keep her healthy.

This card could also be an indication that you need to balance your body's energies. Perhaps you live to much in your mind, up in the clouds. Balance this by grounding yourself-come down to Earth.  Sit or walk in nature and align yourself with her nurturing energies.  Crystals, rocks, and soil are associated with this element.

Gnomes and dwarfs are symbolic of its energy and can help you develop your individuality, determination, and appreciation of all things.

    We have to start thinking of the things that we do in our lives. We have to watch what we put in our bodies.  This is also talking about things in our homes.  Use all natural organic things instead of harsh chemicals.

    The better we treat ourselves and what we use around our homes means we will have a much better world to live in and pass on to our children and generations to come.

    If you feel you have been up in the clouds a lot lately now is the time to bring yourself back down to earth. Go for walks in the park, go for a swing on the swings, just do something that will help ground you to here our Mother Earth.

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The deck is Conscious Spirit Oracle Deck - Kim Dreyer, artwork by Lisa Hunt, US Games Systems Inc.
Image used with permission of USGame Systems, Inc

Further reproduction prohibited


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