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Life Stories by StarzAstroWand - "Prospecting Love"

Nov 8, 2019

Prospecting Love
There are times when we look back and wonder why we stepped into a situation.  But the fact is we really have no way of knowing how it will end up if we go along for the ride.  Life is based on needs, so if we look back on any situation we might be able to identify the 'need' that helped us decide to go for that ride.  That might help us make a different choice next time.  Then again our choices always affect others, hopefully in a good way, and I choose to think that way about Dave.  
First time I saw him he was sitting in a Cafe booth with all kinds of maps and papers spread out all over the place.  I was walking in to the place as the new manager and not one person knew me or had even heard of me.  See, two weeks earlier I was living with friends in Seattle, got a call from a lady I knew in Idaho saying she had purchased a Cafe and rental cabins up in the Sierra Nevada mountains in California and could I go manage it for six months until she moved there and got settled?   It was a point in my life where I was open for thoughts, ideas, fun, and new adventures so when she offered pretty good money I thought why not!  Sounds like fun! The only thing I owned was my car and some clothes, so hugging my friends and heading South was easy.  I have always been thankful for that time of my life. I could go anywhere anytime and do anything for the first time in my life.  I have to admit, I made the most of it... including knowing Dave.
This Cafe-in-the-mountains had been owned by the same people for many years, so me walking in saying I was here to manage the place for the new owners went over like a brick.   But there are times when having a challenge teaches us more than if it was all mapped out in an easy order. I learned more about  restaurant management in the first couple of months than I could have ever learned from a book.  Human nature, hard feelings, and people dreading new things taught me how to use everything we all possess to make something work. 
Dave was a customer but only stopped by on his way through that particular mountain area.  I was amazed at the fact that there were a lot of gold miners in the area and Dave was one of them but had taken the role of prospector as his part.  A profession
al prospector...who knew!    He and I hit it off.  Both single, he was several years older than me, but we  enjoyed sitting and talking.  He would call me at the Cafe around closing time and I could sit in a warm, but empty place talking to my new friend.  
One night he called and he was crying.  He had a nice mobile home several miles from a small town in Nevada with only a couple of neighbors. It was a very isolated area and one night his neighbor's mobile home caught fire.. He told me he had heard strange noises and looked out his window and saw the fire and ran over to see what he could do.  The man who lived there was laying outside on the ground and Dave ran to him to see if he could help.  The man said: "I did it. I made sure she is dead."   As Dave held him in his arms the old man said he set off a large Butane tank to kill and burn his wife, but the explosion was bigger than he counted on and it got him too...  Dave started crying when he told me about it.  The man died, the wife died.
Dave was a war veteran and had a stress disorder; he was handsome and smart and interesting but always had some mental/emotional problems because of the mark war leaves on a person.  Looking back I think both of us just needed a nice, uncomplicated relationship so when my management contract was over Dave said come on out and stay with him and his daughter (with a baby)  until you figure what you want to do.  I followed him for three hours through the beautiful, empty land of north Nevada. We turned off the main road on to the small road toward his house .  The first thing we drove past was the burned out mobile home that had killed two people... one on purpose. I drove past that place many times the few months I lived there.  I sat out in front of it one day to see if there was any energy to connect with.  All I saw was the darkness of pain.
I was never sure what my purpose was for in this stop in life.  We all got along fine but after awhile it got to the point where I had to figure out where I was going to work or when to move on to the next adventure.  Then the phone rang with another offer from another friend, so the reason for all of this situation was done even though I never could figure out what it was all about. 
Our contacts with other people always make a difference, and are always for a reason.  I am not sure if  I accomplished what I was meant to while out in that country because a few months after I left town, Dave passed away. His daughter sent me a letter saying they 'found him kneeling at the foot of his bed'... I left it at that.  I know he was not upset about dying.  Maybe having someone around who was neutral about it, who wanted nothing, who was just there to be in the moment, maybe that helped him cross over.  To this day I never look at a rock like I used to.  I learned there is a lot more to just about everything than meets the eye.  Never think of it as just  a rock.  Never think of it as just fire.  I think about all three of those people now and then to let them know they are not forgotten. 
Maybe that's all there was to it.

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