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Tarot Card of the Day by StarzGnosis - 3 of Swords

Jun 3, 2016

Keyword: Self-Examination Song: "Where Is the Love?" by The Black Eyed Peas

Here there's a heart that's pierced by three swords. The three clouds behind the pierced heart are rain clouds. The sky is gray.

Tarot readers the world over say the 3 of Swords is about heartbreak. Okay, so why are is it called the 3 of Swords then? If it's about heartbreak, why is this not the 3 of Cups because cups are the emotional suit.

I think something's not right here. It's wonky.

This is the 3 of Swords. Swords are the suit of thoughts.

Let's take a closer look. So, why isn't the heart bleeding since it's pierced? Good question!

I believe that the heart isn't bleeding because it's not pierced. Why? Look at the formation of the swords.

They form a Chrismon. A Chrismon is a combination of "Christ" and "monogram". This particular Chrismon calls to mind the trinity-Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

So why is it in the 3 of Swords? It's a call to remember your beliefs. It reminds you to hold them close to your heart. More than that, though, it exposes whatever the heart of the matter is for you.

This means that whatever motivates and keeps you going is working for you. Your desires manifest because you are aware, balanced and observing your life.

To put it another way, your heart's exposed because it's time to pay attention to the heart of the matter. Reflect upon the inner motivations and workings of your heart. If you can do this, (And you can!) you can transform your attitude on love and life.

So how do you reflect on the inner workings of your heart? By recognizing that which you can't be without.

No, not your cellphone. I'm talking chats with your parents or siblings. Meeting up with friends or taking your lover(s) out on a date.

When everything breaks down, where do you turn? That's the heart of the matter for you.

Today, take some time to notice the center of your desire and the thing that motivates you above all else.

Is it why you keep going? Is it worth it to you?

If not, what else can motivate you and lift you up? Where else can you look?

You may not like doing it, but that's life. It hurts and is painful. It won't be nearly as painful as it would if you ignored it though.

So don't be afraid of the 3 of Swords. It's nothing to fear. "Take control of your mind and meditate. Let your soul gravitate to the love."

Instead of asking, "Why the heartbreak?" Or, "Why the pain?" Ask, "Where Is the Love?"

Then, expose your still-beating heart to others and bring the love to them and yourself. It's not too late to transform yourself. It's never too late to notice what makes your heart swell.

Remember, the love is in you, in your pierced but holy, heart. Meditate and focus on the love and heart of the matter.

StarzGnosis (KNOW-sis) had a wonderful Jedi master, musician, and alien Tarot reader mentor-Nomad Love. She learned so much from her two years with him. He opened her mind and her heart to love. For her, "Where Is The Love?" means to be open always.

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