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Sharing the Vision with StarzMayaMoon - "May, 2016; moving past the Karmic waves"

May 29, 2016

"May, 2016; moving past the Karmic waves"
Because May was so profoundly Karmic and created intense interruptions as well as vast potential and possibility; it feels justifiable to assist with insights.

As many learned or were given additional information into the definitions and understanding Karma through the blog (written by myself, Starz Maya) and also our 2 part series on Starz BlogTalk radio. And a reminder this series as well as all broadcasts are recorded and can be found on Starz homepage to review or listen through a variety of venues. I highly encourage those you have yet to have listened to access both part 1 and 2.

As well as channeling via my guides, I am also adding to this specific blog, 5/29- my experiences as a spiritual professional and the universal or collective experiences shared or questioned by my clients. All sessions are always private unless express permission is granted, so what is shared is simply a culmination of what has been a repetitive pattern or the "cause and effect" we have all experienced to some degree during the past month.

I am taught (via guides') that Karma is not only technically used and defined as a noun and verb, but it's applicable definition and/or energy and influences can vary depending on supporting or conflicting factors and our individual path, lessons and purpose.

Watch for the June insight and guidance to be posted on either 5/30 or 5/31. June in addition to the specific or intended universal lesson and energy will also assist with understanding the residue left by the profound or significant energies in May.

As we move out of this month, we should be able to accomplish a sense of clarity within our life, path and direction while also retaining important lessons or even spiritual enlightenments. Although the term "Karma" or "Karmic" can accurately be applied to numerous meanings, influences and outcomes, we focus only on what May has intended and the preferred or attempted outcome by Divine and/or Universe.

The majority of humans found May to be a bit of a spiritual and emotionally difficult month. The explanation for this internal conflict or periods of challenge are due to the expansion and acceptance of prior choices, unfinished business and other situations and relationships in which our highest self was not the dominant energy. For some people from the past suddenly reappeared and even those in present relationships that were toxic or dysfunctional found they were unable to maintain their "blinders" or those metaphoric "rose colored glasses". In some way, shape or form all humans were being faced with the opportunity to seek alignment and balance and this became the Karma that May seemed to be saturated in.

We may think of this as living in a darkened space, accustomed to seeing only the vague outlines of our living space so that much becomes overlooked, unseen or even ignored. And suddenly strong lights stream in, illuminating every inch, all of the space, the corners, etc. As you can imagine, it would it is likely going to appear very different even though it's the same exact place. For example cobwebs that were not noticed are not visible, or there may be numerous examples of what is in need of repair or rebuilding. At the same time, they may be unseen beauty or for example a lovely painting that has positive energy that was hidden due to the darkness.

The point being is that the Karma defined for or from this past month is to illuminate, illustrate and bring into clear focus both that which needs to be released or eliminated and that which is or has amazing potential.

So for many of us we have struggled in trying to balance out these conflicting energies or influences, continually seeking to find balance within self and of course with others we are involved with. Also while many of us were cognitively or even spiritually and emotionally aware of flaws in our "system" or in other words our life and strategic coping, until or unless we deal with all issues, we can feel as if we are going round and round. Much like a hamster on the hamster wheel, legs running, wheel turning, but never actually traveling.

What can or has made May traumatic for many is that some of these ways of coping; especially ignoring or refusing to face certain issues becomes or became impossible in the last month. And as we are all unique individuals, some of us have several issues while others perhaps have only one, maybe two.

So again dealing and defining Karma in how it applies to May and the current month's energy and influence; it is important that we take our intentions into action by "turning on the lights". We all face some fears and risks by facing our current path and making peace with the past. However once done, and resolved, the peace, clarity and spiritually "clean" and empowered energy more than makes up for whatever sacrifices were necessary.

As we close out these last few days of the energy=potential it is important in all aspects and most especially for our capacity to embrace the vibrancy and creation of our future by simply facing all- this IS the Karma or Karmic.

Even when situations, circumstances or relationships become a process as many are; it's not vital that we hurry and finish, but that we take powerful, intended steps and stay true to those intentions moving forward. In the event that we are not fully able to "close out" a situation or totally release or align such, it is a matter of being spiritually committed and emotionally ready to face such and to keep our highest self and our ego (external) self on the right path so that all eventually leads to that total balance and the universal understanding or our "state of grace".

For those that are successfully facing, releasing, and opening new doors, no matter what June has in store, we will be well on our way to completing this Karmic circle and rather than the hamster wheel, we can and will see progress in spirit and in each facet or branch of our lives.

So as May comes to a close; don't turn off the lights going back to that "dark space". Leave the lights shining brightly so that you are able to admire what are beauty, truth and light and courageously face whatever may lurk in the corners of your spiritual being.

May has been a long and arduous month, but with Karma on our side, our future is already shining brightly ahead! ~

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