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Life Stories By StarzAstroWand/"Naked Stop"

Feb 8, 2019

Naked Stop
The contract was up at the end of the month. I was more than ready to leave even if I didn't have anywhere to go at the moment. That was how I did things. I just went and saw and experienced and if I liked it I did what I could to find a job so I could stay and 'play it out'. I had played out the cafe/cabin/RV park management job. Everything was fun at first. Getting to know the job and the people of a tiny isolated town is a process of them seeing you, how you act, react, work, look, talk. There will always be some that like you on a different scale of approval, and others who don't care one way or the other.  
Same goes for me. Some I got along with and some I had to kind of avoid, if there is such a thing in a little mountain town.  One customer, friend  and pinch-hit waitress 'batted for a different team' and eventually got angry because I would/did not. I told her I never once did anything to make her think we were anything more than friends. She still came in the cafe after that discussion, and still worked a shift if I was lacking help, but she never spoke to me again, and always kept her back turned to me. Part of me was okay with that. At least I was off the hook, so to speak.  
But then there were other things such as the problem of the cook who physically attacked me when I got after her for not writing down what she was running low on so it could be ordered. She was  cooking breakfast for the morning customer group,  got angry, smashed a couple of plates down on the grill where there were several breakfast orders cooking, broken glass everywhere, then threw a large  spatula at me smashing into my gut, then ran toward me shoving me against the wall while she slapped her hand on my mouth screaming: "Don't tell me what to do!"  then ran out the back door of the Cafe while something in the microwave caught fire and the kitchen filled with smoke... Things like that!  
 So I was packing, making fun plans to meet some friends in Reno, and getting everything ready for the drive over the mountains down into Nevada when I heard a forecast for snow the day I was planning to leave. I never lived in the mountains so figured March first was too springy for snow, but went to the car shop and bought some tire chains just in case. I had never put on tire chains, but figured it couldn't be that hard and knew I would get over the mountain if I had to walk ahead of the car and shovel snow.  I was leaving. It was time. I was tired. There were people, including some of the cops that hung out at the cafe, who seemed to take my leaving as a personal rejection! I explained it was a six month contract but that didn't seem to make any difference. They were taking my leaving as a personal rejection. I wasn't sure how to deal with it but leaving was suddenly becoming even more important.
  And, of course the story of my life saw me slogging back and forth through the snow as I loaded  the car on my day of departure. There was a lot of snow, but I decided nothing was going to keep me where I was. I said goodbye to those in the cafe and drove away slow and careful. Several miles later I got to the place where cars were being motioned over to the side of the road to install snow chains or they were turned back.
I pulled over and the state cop smiled and said: "looks like you picked a bad day to leave", then he turned around and walked away. There was a small restaurant on the other side of the road and it was full of cops. All of them were looking at me and laughing, but not one of them would offer help. I smiled, got out the chains, read the directions and laid down in the snow. I would not for one second even appear to be having a problem and maybe it was determination or just plain luck, but the chains went on my front tires like a glove in just a couple of minutes each. I got in the car, smiled, waved and drove over the narrow, winding, snowy mountain pass without one thing going wrong.  I tell ya, luck does happen.
In only about 20 slow, but effortless minutes I was over the pass and the road was straightening up and running out of snow as I dropped altitude. The snow chains were making it sound like I was driving on a gravel road, so I knew I had to pull over and take them off. I was seeing an occasional home tucked back into the snowy trees, and saw what looked like a small, cabin-like store up on the left.  I had to go to the bathroom so I figured the little store would be the right place to take care of the out-of-snow duties, so pulled across the narrow but straight, and finally bare, mountain road and stopped next to the store.
The little cabin store was closed, empty, no bathrooms, no nothing. To say I was miffed about this trip is an understatement but at the moment I had only one choice,  keep going!  I hurried back to the car, laid down in the mud and started removing one of the snow chains when suddenly a voice above me said "are you okay?" I was SO startled I banged my head on the cold, wet, muddy bumper I was laying under, rolled out and looked up at a lady standing there with a bathrobe, boots, and wrapped in an afghan.
"Hi!" I said, "where the hell did you come from!?"  She laughed and pointed behind her, and sure enough tucked in the trees off to the side was a nice double wide mobile home. We chatted for a minute and I said " I have to go to the bathroom really bad and the store is not open!"  
She said " Go use mine! I will stay out here and watch your car while you are inside!"
I yelled "thank you!" as I ran full speed  to the steps outside a sliding glass door. I whipped it open, and saw three, stark naked little boys running around the dining room, laughing, eating Cherrios, having a good morning! All the sudden they see a wet, muddy stranger dashing into their home looking desperate!  They froze!  One of the  babies was standing ON the kitchen table and stood there wide eyed, Cherrios falling out of his mouth. It took me a few seconds to figure what I should do!  Then I said: "Look out this window! Your mother is out there watching my car while I use your potty, where is your potty?!"  
The oldest boy (probably about 3 1/2) said "down there!" as he pointed down the hallway. I turned around and ran full blast to the room I badly needed at the moment leaving three naked little boys standing in shock! When I came back they looked a little less shocked and a lot more curious.
I laughed and said "Thank you! You did very well! I hope I didn't scare you too much. Your mom will be right back." I laughed and waved and ran back out the door into some sunny snow and toward a clear mountain road.  I hugged the lady, told her she had an interesting kitchen, and drove off laughing all the way to Reno. I mean what better way to end an eventful trip?  Three sweet, innocent little souls pointing at a bathroom!  It was the interesting end of one adventure and a totally funny  begining of the next.  You just can't get any better than that.

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