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Natalie's Interview with Steve Sekhon on Blogtalkradio/Oct 17, 2018

Oct 18, 2018

                        Steve Sekhon

I interviewed Steve Sekhon who is one of the founders of The Vibe which is an app for for the cell.  Its a dynamic application which delivers a daily dose of minfulness and uplifting messages.

We talked and talked and it was like I had know him for years.  Meditation was the big discussion for us and he told of a retreat he went on that probably changed his life.  I also meditate and probably have since I was a little girl, only I never knew what it was.  Its going into a very quiet space where you know of your surroundings but yet you are very very still and can then receive that which you need.  It will calm you instantly.  I use it daily to talk to God and someone else who was so supportive of me when she was here on earth.  Between the two I just can't fail :)  It's so inspirational and answers you will certainly receive.

Check out Steve's site: and for $2.99 a month you will be daily spiritually uplited from some of the greatest minds all over the world.

Listen to the show:


After nearly 35 years of meditating, soul searching and personal inquiry, Steve collaborates with his wife, Jarl to write daily messages that explore what it takes to live joyfully in peace. Their approach combines an understanding of psychology, metaphysics, the western mystical tradition and Eastern practices. He draws from his earlier incarnation as an international urban planner when he worked in Cambodia, Bosnia-Herzogovina and Southern Sudan, experiences that helped him to realize that each person is fundamentally free to make choices regarding his own perception and interpretation of events.

In the current sea of mindfulness apps, meditation has become synonymous with mindfulness, but meditation alone, is not a reasonable path to a more mindful life.

The bite-sized insight (50-100 words) from your chosen author is delivered each morning. For more information visit


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