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Cards by StarzRainsLovingInsight - Ask An Angel/Guided by Archangel Haniel

Oct 17, 2018

Guided by Archangel Haniel

Haniel's name means "the glory or grace of God".  This in and of itself provides the full definition of what beauty is.  Beauty is the light of God shining through. This, of course, exists in all that is.  Our ability to perceive beauty comes
from within.  We only have the ability to see and experience beauty when our heart and mind are open enough to truly see and understand the absolute magnificence that exists within all of creation and in the synchronistic flow of the universe.  

Comedy, tragedy, art, the mountains, the city, a child.  All things contain the glory and light of God.  When we see and experience a state of grace.  A state of connection and gratitude for all that is.  This is a time for you to really see and experience the light of God shining all around you.  See it in everyone you know and meet, see it in the place where you live, see it in all of life's ups and downs, in the tragedy and ecstasy of life and all you experience.

Finally and most importantly, see it in yourself; it exists within every cell of your being.  We often have the idea that beauty is an idealized, fantastical, irrational and delusional idea of "perfection".  Everything that exists is
already perfect.  Everything is God.  

Often our ideas of perfection are just programming and projection that springs from neurosis.  It is time to really open your eyes,heart, and mind to the miraculous wonder of life.  To see the glory and light of God as it shines through everything in this world and as it shines with incredible uniqueness through every being on this planet.

    **We have to look at ourselves like we ARE beautiful!  Others in our lives may not make us feel that way but WE ARE.  If you have some in your life that make you feel you aren't worth exactly what you are worth, then those people need to be CUT out of our lives.  They are toxic to us and we don't need them in our lives    
    **God is the most high beauty and he DOESN'T MAKE junk!  He made us all in HIS likeness!  Just know to keep in mind that YOU are beautiful and seek and feel this deep down in your being!
    **The beauty of today is so blown out of proportion that it is hard to KNOW what the true beauty is out there in this crazy world.  Don't let your idea of what beauty is suppose to be like according to society, that you don't put yourself in your OWN category of beauty.  Be our own idealist and perfection!!

**Interpretation by StarzRainsLovingInsight

You may reach StarzRainsLovingInsight at:

The deck is Ask An Angel by Toni Carmine Salerno & Carisa Mellado, US Games Systems Inc.

Image used with permission of USGame Systems, Inc  Further reproduction prohibited


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