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The Signs of the Zodiac: Homes

Oct 10, 2018

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How do the different signs of the zodiac view—and keep—their homes asks this article from
Typical Aries doesn't spend a lot of time and focus on their homes, probably because they don't spend as much time at home, or because they are not as attached to the home and family as many of the signs. For the most part, Aries tastes are either simple or bold and strong. You won't find too much floral and pastels in Aries' homes, nor will there be a lot of attention to detail. Aries people love the feeling of freedom, so they do best in a home environment that isn't cramped.
The typical Taurus home will be a sensual delight. In Taurus' home you'll find aquariums, plants, comfortable places to sit, and candles. And it will smell great. You won’t necessarily find many high-tech items in the Taurus home, except perhaps in the kitchen. What you will find is high-quality, functional, and comfortable furniture and furnishings. Taurus generally surrounds themselves with earthy and organic things, and they are usually quite attached to all that they own.
The Gemini home may be a little on the disorganized side, but it is generally quite cheerful and bright. Gemini is generally not known for being excessively attached to their homes, but they definitely do need their surroundings to be pleasing and stimulating. Typical Gemini homes are well-stocked with books and magazines, a couple televisions, and plenty of telephones.
Because Cancer treats their homes as safe havens and retreats from the world, the typical Cancer home is not designed as a showcase for others. Often packed with things that have memories attached to them, like photos, antiques, and family heirlooms, Cancer homes are comfortable.   
The Leo home will likely be quite luxurious. If it isn’t, you can fully expect that certain key items will be—the bed, the couch, and the entertainment system. Plenty of mirrors, a tendency towards gold—and possibly bordering on tacky—trimmings, and plenty of expensive items will usually be on display.
A Virgo home will be practical and functional. Its cupboards will be well stocked, its bookshelves brimming with books and manuals, and a computerized home office will likely be the most lived-in room of the house. Decorations are unlikely to be too fanciful or imaginative.
Libra homes are generally very well-balanced. The Libran eye for color and harmony will usually show in a pleasingly arranged and furnished home, finances permitting.
Scorpio homes don't have to be as bright or roomy as, say, a Sagittarian home. The colors are deep and rich, and the overall effect is intense and imposing. Scorpio homes have plenty of atmosphere.
The Sagittarian home will generally have a lot of open spaces—too much furniture or a crammed environment will drive them crazy. Closets, though, are probably packed to the gills—this sign is not known for its organizing skills.
Capricorn homes are generally tasteful, rather sparse, and practical. Generally, Capricorns are not as caught up in comfort as, say, Taureans are. Some Capricorn homes will have plenty of expensive, tasteful furnishings; while others will be economical and orderly.
Aquarius homes will likely be quite unique and interesting, boasting the eclectic tastes associated with the sign. Intriguing and original furnishings and decor usually characterize the Aquarian home. Many of the latest high-tech gadgetry will often be found in the Aquarius home.
Pisces homes boast variety of furnishings, mixed colors, and collections of items that hold sentimental value. Generally, the atmosphere is soft and warm. You'll rarely find stark or sharp furnishings in a Piscean home. A large collection of music CDs, plenty of plants, and unusual knick-knacks are featured.


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