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Cards by StarzRainsLovingInsight - Concious Spirit Oracle Cards/Crystal Ascension

Jul 25, 2018


Crystal Ascension

"I am attuned to the universal wisdom and energy of the crystal kingdom."

You are being asked to bring crystals and minerals into your personal environment.  Your current environment contains too much artificial energy from material possessions, cell phones, computers, and microwaves, which causes an imbalance in both your body's energy field as well as the energy within and around your home and workspace.  

Crystals contain the earth's natural energy fields as well as stored wisdom, which they have accumulated through the centuries of being on this planet.  Intuitively select one or more crystals to carry with you or wear at all times and others to place around your home and workspace.  These will not only balance your energies but bring you into greater alignment with Mother Earth's natural energy fields.  

If you feel an especially strong connection with this card, include crystals in your meditations.  Books or courses will give you a basis for the understanding of crystals but your own heart-centered intuitive work with crystals will give you greater insight into their uses.   

    It is time to unplug from the energies around you.  There is to much of the electronic world around you.  Unplug the computers, the cell phones, the gaming systems and all others.

    Now is the time to carry those crystals with you to disengage from all this stuff around you.  This will put the natural balance back around you from earth itself.

    If you feel the need when you meditate to incorporate these crystals into your routine then certainly do that.  It will help you gain more intuition as well.

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The deck is Conscious Spirit, Oracle Deck, Written and Illustrated by Kim Dreyer, US Games Systems Inc.

Image used with permission of USGame Systems, Inc  Further reproduction prohibited


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