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Cards by StarzRainslovingInsight - Concious Spirit Oracle Cards/Balance

Jul 18, 2018



"I understand and embrace the opposing forces in life that bring about balance."

The ying yang is a symbol of balance and represents dark and light; passive and active; feminine and masculine; contraction and expansion.

Balance is not achieved by bringing about equal measures of each side to a situation but by recognizing when it is the correct time to apply either one of these in your life.  

This card is asking you to look at all aspects of your relationships and situations.  Ask yourself whether your response is the best choice to bring about a positive outcome.  

If your first instinct in a situation is to become aggressive (active) perhaps it is time to practice a calmer (passive) approach.

This card may also mean that you need to practice moderation in certain things.  Take stock of your life with complete honesty. Seek out the areas where there is a lack or excess, conflict or stress, and concentrate on bringing about more balance to these areas by taking a different approach.

Habits are difficult to change, so be patient but firm with yourself when making these changes in your life.

    You literally feel like a yo-yo or roller coaster going all over the place right now.  You are up then, you are down, you are zig-zagging all over.  
    With feeling like this, try to think of the best way to solve how you are feeling about this.  If you feel like you should be passive about this situation then do that.
    If you feel you need to be aggressive to get your point across that maybe the best course of action to take but make sure you come with the knowledge that you want a POSITIVE outcome when you broach it in an aggressive manner.  You can be aggressive sure but don't over do it to where you will lose what it is you are trying to accomplish.

    If you want balance in your life, now is the time to adjust yourself accordingly to have that balance you seek.

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The deck is Conscious Spirit, Oracle Deck, Written and Illustrated by Kim Dreyer, US Games Systems Inc.

Image used with permission of USGame Systems, Inc  Further reproduction prohibited


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