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Sharing the Vision with StarzMayaMoon - Monday, 2/12 The Freedom of Faith

Feb 13, 2018

Starz BlogTalk Radio - Monday, 2/12. 8-9pm EST
"The freedom of Faith"

As always Starz BlogTalk is hosted by Natalie AKA StarzCast, (Owner, creator and CEO of Starz and affiliates) and myself, Maya AKA StarzMayaMoon. Be sure to check out Starz home page on bottom left where you can find the BlogTalk link and enjoy listening to all recorded shows. In order from most recent and also listed by topic you are sure to find a subject that is appealing and with a myriad of choices for listening. We run live every Monday night at 8-9pm EST, other than holidays and breaks. Look for us next week Monday 2/26 with another exciting and provocative topic.
Since I was feeling a bit under the weather, Natalie agreed to do most of the talking and if you know our Miss Natalie you know that isn't the hardship it would be for many! So she forged ahead talking to us all about love and other desires and how important trusting in a God, creator the divine truly is the ONLY way that our dreams, whatever they may be become our open doors. Yes we all struggle and have moments of weakness and doubt, that's simply being human; we simply NEVER allow our faith to be forgotten.

And faith gives us freedom; from the past and allows us to be the beautiful light we were meant to be. For those that don't know about Natalie's childhood, her struggles as an adult could never imagine how she went from such darkness to light. And it ALL comes down to her faith and her belief; in self, God the Universe that something good, could and would happen and look at her fly now!! She has one more "dream" to unfold but with her faith I know it shall be.

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