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Cards by StarzRainsLovingInsight - Sandalphone (angel of power)

Feb 7, 2018

  Sandalphon (angel of power)


The angel represented here is Sandalphon (angel of power.)

Although society tends to focus on the individual, cooperation is what builds communities.  A strong sense of cooperation builds a deeper sense of purpose. In times of crisis people usually rally together, but forget this selfless cooperation when times revert back to normal.  Your contribution to your family, community and the world can help build bridges where once there was only division.  By appreciating others' skills and abilities and encouraging collaboration, great things can be achieved.  Look for the strengths in others then join together to find solutions.

The angel here wants us to remember WE have to power to do ANYTHING!  We have to remember that even after we come back from a crisis that we still have the power to HELP in ANY situation. We have to remember we can build bridges when once they were broken, we just have to put forth that effort and keep your power to you when getting ready to do this and DON'T falter!!

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Image:  Angel Inspiration Deck by Kim Dreyer, The Winged Enchantment written by Lesley Morrison Artwork by
Linda Hunt   
Image used with permission of USGames Systems, Inc.   Further reproduction prohibited.*



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