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Sharing the Vision with StarzMayaMoon - The Truth about Love Part 1

Apr 10, 2016

"The truth about love"
Part 1
Dropping the "L" word is often considered a pivotal moment in a relationship. However the same word is used to describe our favorite dessert, or given as a compliment to another; "I love that outfit". In our world the word love is often bandied about, used rather carelessly when expressing our pleasure at something- an experience or person. Some may say that the word love has become overused while others may feel the word to be overrated or even underrated. So what really IS love and how important is the word in connection with its potential meaning or meanings? Join my guides as we take a spiritual look at the word and the influence and power that one small English word can impart on or within our life. The following is the definition from the online Merriam-Webster dictionary;

noun \ˈləv\
Simple Definition of love
: a feeling of strong or constant affection for a person
: attraction that includes sexual desire : the strong affection felt by people who have a romantic relationship
: a person you love in a romantic way

As you can see from the above simple definition, the most trusted source for the English language (Merriam-Webster) correlates or strongly associates the word love with some form or type of romantic attraction. It does mention a strong or constant affection. However for those that would be unfamiliar with English as a language both in usage and structure, this definition seems to lack in any parallels or examples of "other" forms of love. There is a longer and fuller explanation (this can be viewed online) which lists the word love as both a noun and verb; even so it feels to lack the intensity that various other types of relationships as such relate to love. Surely a mother or father "loves" their child, friends have or share a deep yet platonic love, and many if not all pet owners would readily describe their emotional attachment to their pet as being "love".

While universally and collectively we can probably all agree that the word love is meant to imply or be used as a term of endearment for those we have the deepest of feelings or emotions for or towards. So while at the same time most of us can agree that the word love represents or is most often the word of choice used to represent or express a deep connection or feelings for another. We can also likely agree that as a word it can and often is used in a form of slang; chosen to impart to another the affinity, affection or pleasure we feel or have towards even an inanimate object. To say, "I love lobster", is not meant to describe a romantic, intimate or sexual connection but rather to identify that lobster is a favorite food, enjoyed more so than other food items.

It also has a strong and compelling energy and force when within the boundaries or the context of a relationship, specifically romantic this word is deliberately avoided or unspoken. So it then becomes true that the word love, even with its complex and complicated meanings and the implications of such meanings is not just a word, but a powerful and influential definition above and beyond a statement.

As with all things to understand love, the use of the word love and how much emphasis and/or importance or significance it should be given we must start at the beginning. We also must keep in mind that the actual and literal meaning when spoken or even perhaps written is subjective depending on the person who uses the word and that to whom is the receiver. There is much more behind the words, whether spoken or unspoken that to apply a limited or specific meaning to every possible situation or relationship without variation. And with variation comes speculation and with speculation come misconception, perceptions, expectations and assumptions- all from the use of one four letter word!

So as we start at the beginning, we look to our spiritual core, and the existence of the soul. How our spirit/soul relates not only to self but to all others (the collective) and to the Divine (creator, source, God, etc.) not only in our abstract connection but what is provided or given back, all that which is received.

So join me as my guides look into the mystery, the madness, the eloquence and the amazing influence and power that the word AND the meaning that love has.

Be sure to tune in tomorrow night; Monday 4/11 at 8pm EST for Starz BlogTalk Radio. Our topic will be "LOVE" along with potential uses, meanings and how love or the use of the word can literally be life changing. As always hosted by Natalie, AKA StarzCast (Owner, founder and CEO of Starz and all affiliates) and myself- StarzMayaMoon, "Maya".

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