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Sharing the Vision with StarzMayaMoon - Creating versus Waiting Part 5

Apr 9, 2016

"Creating versus waiting"
Part 5/conclusion

So as we learn to separate the passive approach where we take no accountability receive no rewards and exist without any real or true "power" we understand the importance of creating. And while we create or during our journey, path and purpose there are times when we "wait" but we still remain active and engaged, a participant in our own lives and the choices made within each set of circumstances or events. My guides have attempted to share their guidance and insight on how to recognize the disconnection of our spiritual being/core/self which ultimately is the key to finding our way back to life.

It is much like being an observer versus a participant in sports, except the sport or even is literally our very life and the stakes are far greater than a team winning or losing. Our life IS the stake and everything that waits in our future is dependent in some form on whether we sit idly by watching, or take a position in the "game".

We are all unique individuals and therefore the rate or speed of growth or reconnection can and will vary with not only who we are, but our goals, desires and that which we can begin to envision as our reality.

To reconnect or to remain connected to our spiritual being and therefore our life and the collective requires that we face the challenges and be willing to takes risks. As mentioned in detail in part 4, risk and sacrifice are always a part of the equation and what formulates the choices we make and therefore the outcome we achieve or attain. That is not intended to suggest that each and every plan, goal or step towards change requires a huge or great sacrifice such as we must "lose everything" to gain a better career opportunity, or give up our friends and family in order to find or unite with a life partner. It is the energy that remains as a potential, so that our dedication and commitment to self reaches its highest peak and flow. That the freedom to be whomever we choose, and to pursue whatever dreams or aspirations are important to our life therefore our future are seen as worthy of letting go and/or releasing the now for the then. And that is where faith and hope become our constant companions. For those of us humans that have fully engaged our highest self and are in the process of "creating" faith and hope outweigh or overrule the fears of risk, loss or regret.

And again there are never guarantees in our life. There is however the universal laws, and the spiritual truth and light that those who challenge self and continue to seek that which is desired, always land higher and find happiness as opposed to those stuck in fear or trepidation.

So creating simply becomes accepting and then embracing the idea that we carry more power over our own lives' than destiny, fate, circumstances and other humans. It doesn't attempt to suggest we will not make mistakes, nor stumble along our path, it does however indicate we will stand up, dusting ourselves off, continuing on our journey.

So there is not really a "secret" to creating our life or our future, or even following the dreams, desires and inspirations that are a part of who we are and of who we can be.

It is in not taking a seat at the window and expecting life to be delivered to us with no action or intention provided. It lies in our dreams, the ability to recognize the power of the universe, the Divine and how that power is with us as well. That fear always demands a higher price than taking a risk that could very well lead to that vision. Or perhaps sacrificing a "stable" or secure job to follow our heart and express ourselves both spiritually and literally. To be engaged within self and with the collective, the universe and all that exists. And just as an artist creates a masterpiece, we too must envision that blank canvas as what it can be, rather than what it may not.

Life, the universe, our world, holds infinite and amazing potential and possibilities and at the end of it all, creating something of our own, a life, a dream, a career or even finding love starts with the belief in that potential and ends only when a new journey has begun.

Creating is living and living is creating anything less is only existing~~
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