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Winged Enchantment Cards - StarzRainslovingInsight

Apr 9, 2016


I am Sparrow, the enlightenment of  self-worth.  I am pride in simplicity and honor in the common-place.  I am the one standing vigilant.  I am power in numbers and the contentment of being a part of the larger whole. Much of human endeavor thrives on originality, of standing out boldly from the crowd.  My wisdom encourages the acknowledgement of the role of community and family to shape your personal destiny.  You can't always fly solo but you can't neglect the threads that bind it all together.  You are approaching a time that will require a group effort and a need to blend in while fostering your imprint on the world.  It is a mighty gift to flit about the world unseen and a greater gift to know you have flocks behind you if you need them. You need to pull back, regroup and find the common ground.

You are engaging humanity.
You are part of something great.
You are open.
You are Sparrow.

The Sparrow wants you to know you aren't alone even if you think and feel that you are.  You have many people, friends, family around you.  They are there for you to lean on and draw comfort from through the hard times and to laugh with and talk with when things are going well.  You are at your best when you are engaging in other people, this is when you feel most alive.  With your open personality, people are always wanting you to be a part of their group.  With people wanting you to be part of them you can truly help people in their times of crisis.  So don't ever feel like your aren't worth anything as you truly are!!

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**The Winged Enchantment Cards by Lesley Morrison and artwork by Lisa Hunt images used with permission of U.S. Games Systems, Inc., Stamford, CT. c. 1971 U.S. Games Systems.  Further reproduction prohibited.**

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