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Weather Deities

Jan 10, 2018

It's said there isn't much you can do about the weather, but ancient peoples thought you could.  They prayed and made offerings to the gods they knew controlled different aspects of the weather in order to bring much needed rain for crops or to warm up the chill winds that blew into their abodes.  Here from is a compendium of those gods across various ciilizations.

Achuhucanac: African Guanche rain god.

Aeolus: Greek god -- ruler (or king) of all the winds. Since the winds were conceived of as horse-shaped spirits, Aeolus was tilted Hippotades, "the reiner of horses," from the Greek hippos ("horse") and taden ("reined in tightly").

Aide: Basque goddess of the air.

Aether: Primeval Greek god of the bright, glowing upper air of heaven (or light).

Ambisagrus: Celtic god of weather (equivalent to Jupiter).

Amun: Egyptian god of creation and the wind.

Apeliotes: Greek god of the east wind.

Astraios: Greek god of the wind and stars.

Aten: Egyptian sun god.

Aura: Greek Titan goddess of the breeze and the fresh, cool air of the early morning.

Aurae: Greek nymphs of the breezes.

Aurora: Roman goddess of the dawn.

Barsamin: Armenian god of weather.

Binbeal: Australian god of rainbows.

Boreas: Greek god of the north wind called the cold breath of winter.

Caelus: Roman god of the sky (although the Romans preferred the Greek name Uranus)

Caillech Bheur: Scottish and Irish goddess of weather, earth, sky, seasons, moon and sun.

Cally Berry: Irish Celtic god of weather.

Chaos: Primeval Greek god of the air (literally the gap between heaven and earth). Chaos was the first of the primeval gods to emerge at the creation of the universe.

Denka: African Dinka god of sky, rain, and fertility

Enlil: Sumerian god of air and storms (means "lord of the wind").

Eos: Greek goddess of the dawn.

Erebos: Greek god of the south-east wind.

Favonius: Roman god of the west wind (although the Romans often used the Greek Zephr in poetry).

Fulgora: Roman goddess of lightning.

Freyer: Norse god of weather.

Gaoh: Iroquois master of the winds.

Harpyiai: Greek Daimons of whirlwinds and storm gusts.

Hekatonkheires: Three Greek hundred-armed, fifty-headed giants, gods of violent storms which they released from the gates of Tartarus.

Helios: Greek Titan god of the sun. Brother of Eos.

Hemera: The primeval Greek goddess of the day, born of Chaos and Erebos, who scattered the mists of her sister Nyx in the early morning.

Dies: Roman goddess of the day.

Heng: Huron spirit of thunder.

Hear: Greek goddess of the air.

Herse: Greek goddess of the morning dew

Hesperides: The Greek goddess of the sunsets.

Hino: Iroquois sky god of the spirit of thunder.

Horae: Greek goddesses of the seasons usually named Eunomia, Eirene, and Dike.

Horagalles: Sami paraphrase of Thora Galles or Thoragalles and is another name for the Norse god of thunder (Thor).

Hours: African god of the sky.

Hotoru: Pawnee wind god.

Isaywa: African god of rain, storms, thunder, and lightning.

Iris: Greek and Roman goddess of the rainbow.

Juno: Roman goddess of the air.

Jupiter: Roman god of clouds, rain, thunder and lightning; ruler of gods.

Kaikias: Greek god of the north-east wind.

Khakaba: African god of rain, storms, and lightning.

Lei Shen: Chinese god of thunder also called Lei Gong or Lei Kung.

Leucetios: Celtic god of thunder and storms.

Lips: Greek god of the south-west wind.

Lugh: Celtic sun god.

Mungo: African god of rain.

Negafook: Inuit god of weather systems

Nenaunir: African evil god of storms

Nephelai: Greek cloud nymphs

Notos: Greek god of the south wind known as the god of summer rain storms.

Nun: African god of water and chaos.

Nut: Egyptian goddess of the sky who covers the Earth.

Nyx: The primeval Greek goddess of the night born of Chaos and Erebos.

Perkele: Finnish supreme god of thunder -- originally referred to as Ukko

Perun: Slavic god of thunder and lightning. He carries a mightly axe.

Poseidon: Greek god of earthquakes, storms, and the sea.

Ra: African sun god.

Rock-Sens: African god of rain, thunder, and lightning.

Saranyu: Hindu goddess of the dawn and the clouds

Sekhmet: Egyptian sun goddess

Shango: African Yoruba god of thunder, storms, war (carries a double-headed axe much like Thor).

Shu: Egptian god of the wind and air.

Skadi: Norse goddess of winter and hunting.

Skiron: Greed god of the north-west wind.

Sol: Roman god of the sun also called Phoebus.

Stribog: Slavic god and spirit of the winds, sky and air.

Summanus: Roman god of nocturnal thunderstorms.

Tawhiri: Maori (ancient New Zealand) god of weather including thunder, lightning, wind, clouds, and storms.

Tefnut: Egyptian goddess of moisture.

Teshub: Hurrian (ancient near east) god of sky and storm.

Theia: Greek Titan goddess of the shining light of the clear blue sky.

Thor: Norse god of sky and thunder.

Uenuku: Maori god of rainbows.

Ukko: Finnish god of sky, weather, and crops. Finnish work for thunderstorm (ukkonen) is derived from his name. Ukko's weapon was a hammer by which he struck lightning.

Uku: Estonian equivalent of Finnish Ukko.

Uranus: Primeval Greek god of the sky (or the solid dome of heaven).

Utixo: African god of rain, storms, and thunder.

Utu: Sumerian sun god.

Varuna: Hindu god of the sky.

Wele: African sky god of rain, storms, and lightning.

Yu-Huang-Shang-Ti: Chinese god of the sky.

Zephyrus: Greek god of the wind known as the god of spring breezes.

Zeus: Greek god of clouds, rain, thunder and lightning; ruler of gods.

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