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Introducing StarzKarmicKyra

Apr 6, 2016

Introducing Starz Karmic Kyra, a knowledgeable and caring reader.

Karmic Kyra is a big believer in 'the golden rule' and wants her clients to always be comfortable. She combines empathic and intuitive abilities to provide you the answers you need with compassion and understanding. She works closely with the Angels, both for protection and guidance.

She is very open-minded, so no question is too taboo. Kyra will not lie to you, so please don't expect her to only tell you what you want to hear. A very honest person, she will only guide you in the best direction for you. If you receive news during your reading that is not pleasing to you, she will ALWAYS help you to see the positive.

Kyra became aware of her gifts as a young child but tried to avoid them as she was told to ignore what was happening. As a child, she valued imagination more than anything. Some of her best times were spent alone and speaking inwardly with herself. It wasn't until recent years that she learned that this was her form of meditation! Now, she is confident in her psychic abilities as well as the advice she gives. She is always learning and exploring herself as well as everything else! Life is to be lived and experienced!

This reader so much love for what she does. Providing answers to clients helps her grow more and more, and Karmic Kyra is only getting stronger.

The Tools KarmicKyra Uses:  Moon Garden Tarot Cards, Earth Oracle Cards, Messages From Your Angels Oracle Cards, Numerology, Astrology and Dream Interpretation

Please do not ask for medical, financial or legal advice as these are topics strictly for professionals in these fields.

StarzKarmicKyra says, “It is my purpose and passion to help those in need. I'm greatly looking forward to meeting you!”

You may reach StarzKarmicKyra at:

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