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Sharing the Vision with StarzMayaMoon/ Starz BlogTalk Radio-Monday "The true form of Evil, real or just hype"

Dec 5, 2017

Starz BlogTalk Radio - Monday, 12/4. 8-9pm EST
"The true form of Evil, real or just hype"

As always Starz BlogTalk is hosted by Natalie AKA StarzCast, (Owner, creator and CEO of Starz and affiliates) and myself, Maya AKA StarzMayaMoon. Be sure to check out Starz home page on bottom left where you can find the BlogTalk link and enjoy listening to all recorded shows. In order from most recent and also listed by topic you are sure to find a subject that is appealing and with a myriad of choices for listening. We run live every Monday night at 8-9pm EST, other than holidays and breaks. Look for us next week Monday 12/11 with another exciting and provocative topic.

This week Natalie and I discussed the existence of evil and more so in the physical or human form. We both agreed that true or pure evil certainly does exist. And both Natalie and I have had a few minor brushes with what we can only describe as evil. We also spoke about some of the horrific serial killers that can only be explained by true evil. For example Natalie brought up Ted Bundy a man who took great pleasure in the torture and murder of possibly hundreds of victims. And there are others as well.

With evil because it is a spiritual absorption and the opposite of those in the "light" it can be difficult to ascertain if they are simply born evil or become so. We can and many psychiatrists have spent countless hours in the study of the minds, emotions and patterns of thinking in those we would likely label as "evil". Although there are those that suffered horribly as children, enduring a childhood of violence, abuse and things we just cannot imagine, not ALL turn out as true monsters. We also attempted to define what evil actually is or even how one can or would recognize evil without the actions that display that evil. We both felt it is a feeling, something that can or could occur in a shopping mall, a sports game or even the clerk at a small grocery or the "grab and go" type of businesses. Evil can literally exist anywhere and those that live a risky life take greater risks of evil taking possession if you will of their spiritual core or being. A drug addict, someone who has perhaps witnessed killings or similar experiences in which a person shuts down or severs the cords to their spirit or soul. Once a weakness is found whether via a childhood or others that dabbles in the occult without proper training. Or use a Spirit board without the experience and knowledge that should be required, a portal is opened and evil can travel through.

As humans we don't fully understand how or when evil came to be. Aside from the biblical views there are many others that believe in miracles, Divine intervention and of course evil. Someone that has become or is evil often begins early but showing pleasure in torturing and harming small animals. And those that are the most disturbing are the humans that appear to have led a fairly stable and "normal" or average life, yet something suddenly snaps, and evil overtakes all of their thoughts, actions and lack of emotions. Just read the news online, the television or newspaper and there are numerous stories that defy explanation other than there it is; true evil.

As Natalie shared with us which she is always willing to do there has to be some that are protected or in some way shielded from growing that evil soul and if you know Natalie you know immediately that she IS the light. And no matter what challenges, hardships and obstacles she has faced in her life time she remained a light worker, compassionate, caring and acting out of love.

And as Natalie ends the show, believe. Always believe (I am not quoting but paraphrasing) for there does exist many things we cannot hear, see or feel but if we believe they are real. And evil is just one example.

Be sure to join us next week before we take a short break!

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