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Full Cold Super Moon!

Dec 3, 2017

We only have one Super Moon in 2017 at 11º Gemini 40' according to and it falls on Sunday 3rd December at 3.46pm in London (adjust for your city). The Sun will be at 11 Sagittarius opposite the Moon at 11 Gemini. It’s a Full Moon and it will appear bigger and brighter than any Full Moon you see this year. It has a message for you. A message about the end of the tough Saturn in Sagittarius cycle. On the same day, Mercury stations retrograde at 29 Sagittarius. You can underline that message, now.  This Super Moon is going to feel like the exclamation mark before the end of a book, and what a long book it’s been – especially if you have Sagittarius chart factors.
All About The December Super Moon
Other names for this Full Moon are:  Bitter Moon, Winter Maker Moon, Small Spirits Moon, Snow Moon, Christmas Moon.  Throughout the Northern Hemisphere winter has taken hold and most cultures refer to this month's Full Moon using names to indicate the season's chill.  However, this month's moon is a special one, a Super Moon
The word Super Moon was coined by astrologer and my Twitter amigo, Richard Nolle in 1979 in an article for Horoscope magazine.  NASA says: “The term Super Moon has entered popular consciousness in recent years. Originally a term from modern astrology for a new or full moon that occurs when the moon is within 90% of its closest approach to Earth in a given orbit, Super Moon now refers more broadly to a full moon that is closer to Earth than average.”
This Full Moon in December, because it’s so close to us, should look about 7% bigger than a regular Full Moon. Seasky has more information:  This full moon was known by early Native American tribes as the Full Cold Moon because this is the time of year when the cold winter air settles in and the nights become long and dark.
10:47 AM EST
09:47 AM PST
08:47 AM MST
07:47 AM PST
15:47 PM UTC
The End Of Saturn In Sagittarius
Saturn (challenges, tests, waiting games, obstacles, lessons) moved into Sagittarius (the sign ruling foreign people and places, travel and immigration) on September 19th 2015 and will not depart until December 20th, 2017. Thus, the Super Moon is the end of a long story. A Full Moon is always D-Day. A moment of truth. The point of no return. This particular D-Day, for the world, will be about the way we relate to each other across national, cultural, religious and language borders – or the way that we usually don’t!
You might say that the Super Moon tells us, it’s time to kiss this cycle goodbye. And that’s going to be a relief for so many of us. It will be a delayed kiss, because Mercury Retrograde means this isn’t entirely over – not yet – but the general intention and emotion will be there, even if the final details take a while to sort themselves out.
On the world stage this is likely to be a dramatic time for international relations, questions about borders, passports, residency and so on. We only have one Saturn in Sagittarius cycle every 29 years and this Super Moon is a very loud kiss-off!
How Your Sun Sign Horoscope Is Affected By The Sagittarius Super Moon
As you prepare to kiss the Saturn in Sagittarius cycle goodbye, which area of your life will show the exclamation mark and the end of the paragraph? The end of the story? Your Sun Sign horoscope shows the headlines of your life, so see them  here.
ARIES – Foreign people and places, international relations, publishing, education and academia, the worldwide web.
TAURUS – Finance and property, business interests, shares, currency exchange rates, taxation, charity, precious possessions.
GEMINI – Former, current and potential partners in love or career. Enemies, opponents and rivals. Two, or one-against-one.
CANCER – Your daily workload. Your duty and service to other people and cats or dogs. Your body and your physical condition.
LEO – Godchildren, stepchildren, nieces, nephews or other young relatives. Your son or daughter. Pregnancy. Your lovers.
VIRGO – Your house or apartment. Your home town or homeland. Your family and family tree. Your household.
LIBRA – The worldwide web. Your speech, hearing and sight. Your communication skills. The telephone. Multimedia. Books.
SCORPIO – Your values. What you will or will not sell out for. Your money, house, business, apartment, possessions, charity.
SAGITTARIUS – Your reputation. Your personal appearance. Your title, brand, name or image. Your profile.
CAPRICORN – Your secrets. Your classified information or confidential plans. Your unconscious. Any role behind the scenes.
AQUARIUS – Your friends. Your group. Any ensemble cast, society, committee or association. Your social media or social life.
PISCES – Your career. Your mission, ambition and position. Your academic aspirations. Your unpaid work; full-time parenting.
What if You Have Sagittarius Chart Factors?
Because you express yourself so much through your journeys, your study or teaching commitments, your use of the worldwide web, your interest in books – and people from other cultures or countries – you are most strongly affected by the big, bright December Super Moon. In general, by the time you reach December 2017 you will feel as if you have been on an epic trek through these areas of your life. The Full Moon/Super Moon will bring one issue to a head. You will have to choose, or act. Doing so will help to finish the cycle for you, although note – because Mercury Retrograde is at large, there may be a sense of unfinished business, despite the apparent ‘finished’ business – and you need to allow for that in the weeks to follow. Typical examples of this might include rescheduling, retraction, reversal and all the other ‘re’ words we associate with Mercury Retrograde!

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