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Sharing the Vision with StarzMayaMoon/ Starz BlogTalk Radio-Monday 11/13/17

Nov 14, 2017

Starz BlogTalk Radio; Monday, 11/13- 8-9pm EDT
 "Spirit guides and guardians" Part 2

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As we moved forward into part 2, we took a closer look at the existence and purpose of what we refer to as "guardians". Although as most things spiritual there is no right or wrong explanation; Natalie and I both believe for various reasons that guardians can play a profound role in our lives'.

While our guides are assigned to "guide" us along our path and all humans have spirit guides whether they are aware of their presence or not. The same isn't true with guardians. Guardians are a higher energy, closer to a Divine being and are either allowed or given permission to interfere in our human life on many levels. Whether we experience a major event that defies a logical explanation, or we avoid or are in some way redirected from what could have been a tragic or catastrophic event, it is our guardians or a guardian that is a spiritual protector.

Natalie has shared her amazing story a few times where she was a passenger as her son drove to a local sports game for his young daughter. There were 3 humans in the vehicle that day and as an oncoming vehicle swerved at a high speed headed straight in their path; something that cannot be explained occurred. Her son a healthy skeptic that is open to that which we cannot always see or prove, couldn't explain events only that their vehicle turned under a force that was not his. It moved so far out of harm's way that no damage was done, nor were any even minor injuries sustained. As they all exited the vehicle shaken yet grateful to be not only alive but unscathed, they relived those moments leading up to what should have been a devastating collision. Under scientific laws or that of motion, it would be impossible for their vehicle to have turned sharp enough and quick enough to avoid the oncoming car- yet it did. And Natalie knows that guardians were sent to protect her son and perhaps all those riding in the vehicle that afternoon. Even her son, unable to comprehend what just isn't logical agrees that something from beyond what we find on earth aborted the crash that surely would have resulted in fatalities.

As Natalie and I both discussed and believe there are times when a guardian may be sent for more than one person. In the experience Natalie shared with her family while this could have been for her son or Natalie perhaps it was for all that day. We as a collective impact and influence many lives' when our path or journey is significantly altered or changed. And while we can speculate it would be impossible to try to count or fathom how that domino effect would or could change so many. It is what some may call the "butterfly effect" and is also tied into Universal laws and Divine intervention.

I can say with certainty that guardians protect those that have yet to fulfill their purpose or who in some way touch and change the lives' of others simply because that is who they are. And although Natalie's son surely was a part of the bigger picture in that specific experience; Natalie must have her own guardian(s) keeping her safe. I have said many times that Natalie is the light and her constant drive to help others in selfless ways is not something easily found in today's world. And Natalie has had several experiences involving not only guardians but Archangels and the highest of Divine intervention. But then I wouldn't expect it to be any other way.

Natalie has spent over a decade building Starz (and all affiliates) learning all she could, absorbing that knowledge so that many of us have a place like Starz. And not only do the experts at Starz have a safe place from which to guide others, but all the clients find equal care, concern and compassion.

Those that are anointed or appointed- such as Natalie with guardians are not just "lucky" but deserving and being kept safe as they spread their love for others and all of humanity.

There is a lot about our universe we may not understand or have all the answers, perhaps even unsure of the questions.

But guardians are protectors and to a degree saviors, and for human beings like Natalie, they are never far away.

Be sure to tune in next Monday, 11-20 for another exciting show! And remember we CHOOSE what we believe and it is our faith that defines our belief. Perhaps you have had an experience or the intervention of a guardian and simply never were aware. But they do exist and when needed they are busy at work.

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