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Sharing the Vision with StarzMayaMoon/ Starz BlogTalk Radio-Monday 11/6/17 "Spirit Guides & Guardians" Part 1

Nov 7, 2017

Starz BlogTalk Radio; Monday 11/6 @ 8pm EDT
          "Spirit guides and guardians"

Part 1

As always our show is hosted by Natalie AKA StarzCast (Owner, creator and CEO of Starz and affiliates) and myself, Maya AKA StarzMayaMoon. Aside from breaks and holidays we broadcast every Monday night and always at 8-9pm EDT. We often have guest callers that may have a general question on the chosen topic or perhaps offer a different view. We do not answer personal questions or offer readings; however the chat room is open and runs simultaneously with BlogTalk. We usually have Kandi or StarzPriestessKandiRansom running the chat room and there are many experts that show their skills by giving free mini-readings or answering one question.

If you visit Starz home page, the bottom left has the BlogTalk icon and as all shows are recorded these are in various listening formats and listed by date and topic.

As always Natalie and I never lack for words! We have developed a great camaraderie over the years and it shows by the amount of listeners every Monday.

We started the show by talking a bit about the meaning and/or definition of a guide and offering insight and guidance as their purpose and how/why they assist. And again as usual both I and Natalie tend to see things similarly and both of us had experiences and insight to share.

We started Part 1 with discussing our spiritual guides and if all humans were "assigned" guides or this was only in certain situations or for certain people. While Natalie and I can only offer our insight, experience and what we have grown to accept as true, there are other views that are just as valid. I believe that we all have guides and these are the highest evolved energies or spiritual beings that no longer reincarnate. We could use the analogy that they have "graduated" having learned their human lessons; they now remain in the spiritual plane of existence. And side note; there are many other "jobs" for those that have graduated being a guide is only one of many. Natalie too felt that even when unaware, all humans had spirit guides helping or assisting us to reach our potential. We both agreed there are a few rules (for lack of a better term) so spirit guides cannot interfere with our free will or life lessons. As Natalie shared what a friend and mentor once told her, that telepathic voice, that feeling that cannot be denied and even often our intuition or instinct is actually our spirit guides urging us towards our greatest good. We gave several examples on air; and whether love, relationships a job or career, for those that are truly connected to their spirituality or core self, these feelings or even symbols are quite active.

I had an experience many years ago and that brought me to other experiences in which I had the privilege of meeting and being taught about my spirit guides. This occurred during that state between wake and sleep and although we can have spiritual dreams, this was a vision. I also spent a great deal of time in asking for information and to understand the purpose and limitations, so it wasn't as though I won the "spirit guide lottery"! And even for those in the profession such as myself and Natalie it isn't necessary to have a name, face or feel you consciously know your guides in order to share your gifts. And although Natalie feels she did not have an experience exclusively related to spirit guides, I am beyond certain that they have been with Natalie and helped guide her probably since she was very young. For those that have heard other shows or perhaps know Natalie, then you are aware of her painful memories and how she turned something so negative into a beautiful positive. And that would be Natalie herself.  Natalie also shared how in her earlier years as an adult she was not only a licensed hair stylist but worked at an elite, private tennis club and even owned aspecialty item food shops where she worked with her son. However Natalie was led first to various places of those that offered spiritual assistance by professional experts and ultimately to Starz and ALL that it has grown to become.

So while Natalie may not "convene" with her guides; I am quite certain they played a part in guiding Natalie and are still working currently as she comes up with new ideas and ways of improving Starz her true purpose in this life.

So we all connect differently and if you feel inclined to have a closer connection to your guides we suggested you ask for this just before going to sleep or even during a nap. We are all very different in how we respond to the world and others and this is true with our spirit guides as well. For some we may hear a voice or an answer that is auditory. For others the interaction is telepathic or as in my case, I am shown what I would describe as a panoramic movie that plays in my head. And others see external signs and symbols that seem easy to decipher and the synchronicity is so profound or significant we know it is attributed to our spirit guides.

They are assigned to guide us, not force us or change other people so that our path is simply rolled out before us. And nor do our guides interfere if we have lessons and need to make certain mistakes. For example Natalie has shared an absolutely amazing story that occurred when she was in the car as her son was driving, the wheel was literally jerked from his hands and the family avoided an accident walking away totally unharmed when this would surely have been fatal. This is not the work or the intervention of a spirit guide. These experiences are more from our guardians or from the angelic realm and it is my belief that there is special permission needed. Those angels or that of the Divine cannot constantly interfere with our human or physical lives'.

So next week we will look at guardians and sentries, and where they come from and why. We will also look at the angelic and Divine realm and how that energy often can and does influence our life or path. I know Natalie has had numerous experiences such as these and have always felt Natalie had angels that closely watched over her probably from the moment she was born.

Be sure to join us next week and we welcome any guests that would like to call in and share their experiences as well.
Next Monday, 11/13 at 8-9pm EDT, hope to see you there!

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