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Cards by StarzRainsLovingInsight - The Wren

Nov 3, 2017

I am Wren, the active spirit and giving heart.  I am poetic inspiration.  I am the energy of life and the utilization of everything this earth yields  I waste no time.  I squander no resources.  I am life lived to its fullest.  I am the bold use of both agility and wit. 

You have encountered a need to stay alert.  You have reason to make things move quickly now.  I am your reminder that you have put things into motion and so must maintain momentum.  Expand your circle and utilize those around you for help; you may find others an asset to your accomplishments.  I am the determination to follow the path that lay ahead.  Trust the tug of your spirit and carry onward. 

You are lighthearted in the face of hard work. 

You are joyous aspiration. 

You are stamina. 

You are Wren.

When you see Wren this bird is reminding you that you have put things into motion that you HAVE to keep the momentum going now. Don't put it off any longer or procrastinate with it anymore. 

You know your spirit is speaking to you right now and tugging at your heart to finally finish what you have started.  If you feel you need help completing your project don't be afraid to ask for help from those you know will help you complete your project.

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Image:  **The Winged Enchantment Cards by Lesley Morrison and artwork by Lisa Hunt images used with permission of U.S. Games Systems, Inc., Stamford, CT. c. 1971 U.S. Games Systems.  Further reproduction prohibited.*

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