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Cards by StarzRainsLovingInsight - The Loon

Oct 17, 2017

                                                                                                                                            The Loon

I am Loon, the keeper of dreams and master of wishes.  I am the place where poets wander.  I am the world the great visionaries traverse.  I am the lonely woods that beckon the mystic.  I am where the madmen get lost and where the medicine men dream. To enter my waters you have gone searching for a new reality.  Your dreams have inspired you.  Your fantasies have lured you in. Through the flow of wishes and hopes intoxicate and stimulate, sometimes they hold you hostage.  

I will let you envision new worlds, but you can't linger long.  From here you must recognize your own part in your life story.  I am the enticement of shadows. Step inside my deep lakes and pull from it the endings you dream of.

You are playing with possibility.  
You are exploring the land of dreams.  
You are fantasy.  
You are Loon.

Whenever you see the Loon around, this shows not to get to lost in what it is you seek and dream of.  You may want to go out there and do what it is you are seeking but remember you may possibly be stuck in that place for a very long time to come.  

Think long and hard before you travel this road.  Just remember this is your life story and you want to make it the best you can, just don't get lost in dreaming and lose your story.

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Image:  **The Winged Enchantment Cards by Lesley Morrison and artwork by Lisa Hunt images used with permission of U.S. Games Systems, Inc., Stamford, CT. c. 1971 U.S. Games Systems.  Further reproduction prohibited.**

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