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Mar 29, 2016

Aftermath of the eclipses in March

We have several things capturing our attention this week.  First of all, how are all of you doing after this month of eclipses?  I’m betting there’s been some subtle and not so subtle changes that have happened in your life in the past few weeks. 

First of all, the first eclipse on March 8th brought the more subtle nature of Pisces that just seemed to drop into your life, covered you like a blanket without you knowing about it.  Those changes would have been spiritual and based on things you cannot see, nor prove, in a physical way.  For many, it meant a profound spiritual shift, that felt like whatever was happening was linking you to people around you in a most delicately powerful way.  For others, it might have felt they were on one room one minute, and the next, in another one.  It would have been more than that, however - it would have felt as though the change of rooms was permanent.  A real sense of shifting into another reality without really trying to do it.  There really has been a shift in how we see things - much more compassionately and gently.

The second eclipse, on March 23rd, would have been a moment of perspective on many things, mostly having to do with how we partner with other people.  When we enter into relationships, we encounter all that we seem to be through the other person.  How we communicate, what we emotionally need, how we wish to be loved — all of those things are a part of us, which have their base in our past, and how we were parented.  With this last eclipse, there would have been a perceptable change in how we see our “other,” in the sense that our perspective might change on various issues we seem to continually encounter in that relationship.  So, when this happens, we have a “shift” that takes place, when we’ve been fighting for a long time about one subject - and then, for some funny reason, it sort of disappears.  This would have to do with getting “perspectives” on the issues that will continue to show their ugly heads.  Perspective means that one point of view may be true, but an opposite point of view might be just as valid.  We could have the same argument for years - complete with the same words - and this ONE time (during the full-moon eclipse) - we might finally GET the opposite point of view, even if we had resisted it for years!  This was the opportunity during the full-moon eclipse - to get a broader point of view that would encompass both yours and your partners’ point of view.  That, to me, is really worth it, and will help you smooth out the rough spots you’ve been perhaps fighting over for a while.  Notice if that has happened for you - if it has, you have the eclipse to thank for it!

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