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World Lion Day

Aug 10, 2017

The lion has represented to me dignity, pride, courage, topped by an overpowering beauty. This has become its downfall as humans, who do not possess an inkling of these qualities, continue to shoot to kill so they can hang as trophies (as a symbol of what they are not). And it's all perfectly legal. What a messed up world we live in...
Here is information on the celebration of the King of Beasts from a variety of sources. It's dedicated to the late Cecil who has been in the news lately.
Lion Day aims to raise awareness of the majestic hunter, the ultimate feline, the king of the jungle, the big fluffy kitty of the Serengeti… Hmm, we should have left it at ‘king of the jungle’.
Basically, it’s all about lions, but you’ve probably got that from the name.
Guarding our temples, adorning our flags, decorating our coins and capturing our hearts, the lion is beyond doubt the world’s most iconic species.  On almost every continent, and in thousands of cultures, the lion can be found demonstrating man’s fascination with this magnificent beast.
Despite the lions’ symbolic importance throughout the ages, today they are suffering from a silent extinction across Africa and India. Knowledge of the King of Beasts’ plight is little known, unfortunately.  But today is a chance to remedy that.
World Lion Day is the first global campaign to celebrate the importance of the lion worldwide. Since the dawn of man the lion has played an integral role in our lives: symbolically, religiously, culturally, economically and biologically. To lose the lion from our world would be to lose part of our global heritage and disrupt the ecological chain.
This celebration on August 10th of the animal kingdom’s most beautiful and fearsome creature was founded by Big Cat (Tampa, FL), the world’s largest accredited sanctuary dedicated to big cats.
This is a day for people to come together from across the world to pay tribute to the mighty lion in as many ways as possible. Though a fun and exciting occasion for all, its foundations are based in a very serious matter: lion numbers have dramatically declined to the point where the species needs to be placed on the endangered list, just like its larger cousin the tiger.
How you celebrate is entirely up to you and depends on how much you want to bring attention to this worthy plight. You could change your social media profile pictures to a lion for the day, draw a sketch and share it with friends, find out who has the loudest roar, or even get your coworkers to sponsor you to wear a lion jumpsuit to work, then make a donation to Big Cat Rescue’s ongoing mission.
These beautiful creatures need to be protected… let’s pitch in and help in any way we can.
At the very least, please Like the official Facebook page and follow @BigCatRescue on Twitter, because the more we spread the word, the greater the chances of these incredible animals gracing our planet forevermore.
The lion is beyond dispute, allow’d the most majestic brute; his valor and his generous mind, prove him superior of his kind” John Gay, poet, 1685-1732
“I was not the lion, but it fell upon me to give the lion’s roar” Winston Churchill, politician, 1874-1965

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