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Sharing the Vision with StarzMayaMoon - Starz BlogTalk Radio; Monday 6/12/17- 8pm EST "When Darkness Prevails"- Part 2

Jun 13, 2017

Starz BlogTalk Radio; "When Darkness Prevails" Part 2
Monday, 6/12/17 at 8pm EDT

Last evening was our second and final show on the topic of spiritual darkness. As always Starz BlogTalk is hosted by Natalie, AKA StarzCast-(Owner, founder, CEO of Starz and affiliates) and myself, Maya AKA StarzMayaMoon. Our schedule runs every Monday night at 8pm (EDT) excluding holidays. For those that missed part 1 or 2 or desire to listen to the variety of topics covered during the 3 years on air, go to Starz home page and click on the BlogTalk link at bottom left.

As we delved a bit deeper into the "darkness" both Natalie and I were clear that clinical depression is a medical condition, however being in the darkness can often replicate symptoms of depression.

We always put our trust and faith in the love and admired Natalie as she has been through the darkness throughout her lifetime probably more than most. Yet she has found or discovered methods and protocols that bring her back into the light. So much so that Natalie is her own unique ray of sparkling, pure and empowered light; and energy, attitude and intention she lovingly shares with all who enter her world.

As we discussed part 2, Natalie shared some of her most private and difficult battles with the darkness. As the title references, for those who give up or do not fight, the darkness CAN prevail and the deeper we sink, the more difficult the return. For Natalie, she dealt with the darkness probably long before she even knew what such spiritual assault was or that she was in essence, under attack. With her endless belief in God and certainly Divine and angelic assistance she found various ways to return to the light over and over again.

Some of her suggestions for the listeners included physical exertion; she rides a stationary bike but for some that might be a walk, "pumping iron" or any task that requires great physical effort. We both agreed that journaling and exploring our feelings, energy and thoughts during a bout with darkness was not only helpful in what may be a trigger(s) but also helps us release any toxic spiritual energy. For some creating or utilizing any artistic skill is helpful, from painting to sculpting or even just doing a bit of decorating at home.

As humans we can be more cognitive (thinkers, planners) or tactile (touch, movement, sensations) and for both types there are differences in what resonates best when reaching for the light. Meditation, Chakra work, reading or even as Natalie puts it; finding our happy place works wonderfully. Our happy place is basically a vacation of the mind. Whether a sandy white beach or the plains of Africa, find or envision a place that brings peace, harmony and balance and spend time taking that mind journey. While some may simply consider this "daydreaming" don't under estimate the power of our imagination and mind in alleviating the darkness. Perhaps your journey takes you as the winning partner in "Dancing with the Stars", or you imagine a huge stage where thousands have gathered to hear you sing. Where/what/who we go and take is not as significant as being able to truly invest our spiritual and emotional self in that vision quest or vacation that truly has the power to help us rebound.

For others that need a more tactile experience, shopping, spending time with friends, or anything that brings a sense of pleasure as long as we are not masking the darkness. There are numerous ways and choices in what or how we can pull ourselves back from the brink and most important is to recognize when the darkness enters and taking steps immediately before we become totally immersed.

For humans, we can all agree that everyone experiences moments, or times of darkness. Whether triggered by an external event, a loss, break up or even health issues. Or for the more sensitive and emotional types, darkness can come without rhyme or reason, unexpected and amidst a fairly normal day or time in life. There is always an influence even if we are unable to recognize it at that time or in that moment. Often later, when we have returned to the light we are able to piece together whether symbolic, chaotic or abstract what may have pre-empted the darkness.

There are as many ways to rise out and above as there are reasons, intentions, energies and influences that strike us down. Awareness of any subject matter always helps us to prepare and do battle, whether literal or spiritual.
And lastly above and beyond all else, we absolutely must have faith and hope! It's okay and honest to admit that today and perhaps even tomorrow is not going so well, but it's imperative that we also can admit that all is temporary and the future WILL be better and different. And hope gives us that first glimpse of the light that is just ahead. While it may not always change current circumstances it certainly can and does change our view, therefore the difference between sufferings as darkness prevails versus hope and faith the light is waiting.

While we cannot always control darkness entering, we can and should control its exit.

And as I shared last night, a quote from a show; sometimes the sky shows blue as the heavens. And then the clouds roll in, black and gray obscuring the sky and with the power to lead us to believe there is no blue, just the darkness. However under or behind the clouds, the sky is STILL blue, and once the clouds pass, we will be able to see the blue sky once again. So when darkness prevails, remember that the light is still there, we all just have to find our way through hope and faith of seeing past the darkness or clouds, into the light again~~~

Join us next Monday, 6/19/17 at 8pm EST for another interesting and exciting topic!  Next week....."The Here, The There and In Between"

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