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Sharing the Vision with StarzMayaMoon - "Spiritual Gendering" Conclusion

Mar 13, 2016

"Spiritual gendering"

Although my guides do teach and support there exists within all spiritual beings "gendering", we accept that such is not supported by all. In this series however one does not necessarily have to embrace this idea or belief system to gain a bit of insight and perhaps guidance in our physical or earth life.

All that "gendering" means or concludes is that all spiritual beings feel to have either masculine or feminine traits or energy that is a bit more dominant than the alter energy. It has been acknowledge as well that both as pure spiritual energies (such as those that have passed angelic beings, etc.) and those of us living our physical life, there does exist a degree of overlap. So rarely is one ALL or entirely one gender without some trace of the opposite. This is often what is referred to as the "flora and fauna" or "ying and yang".

No matter what we pursue on our path towards purpose, fulfillment and happiness, each step begins with the true and complete self-awareness. From choosing a career to our relationship with a life partner; our traits, views of self and world view are essential in shaping who we are. So whether we embrace, deny or remain open to "spiritual gendering" we can agree that self-awareness is the key to an optimal life. For those that seem to be in constant conflict, chaos, disconnection or disruption it is almost certainly a sign we are not fully self-aware.

My guides have shared extensive insight and guidance on the variety of influences self-awareness brings. Fulfillment or the potential for such cannot exist without embracing and accepting self.

If we look to the animal kingdom there are only a few rare species that can change physical gender and this is for the sake of preserving the species. So there are aside from a physical difference or biological difference, the actions, traits and characteristics of such vary. This is what we consider to be indicative of "spiritual gendering". To simplify this; if we were to imagine that all human beings in the physical sense were or had the same exact or replicated structure, there would still exist differences. In that respect those differences would then be the existence of the gendering, which relates to energy and how again we perceive our self, world and our reactions and responses to all triggers. This "reaction" encompasses or includes all things from our thoughts, intentions, processing and most especially our roles in significant relationships. It does also of course influence our general energy or persona which in turn influences all that we do, both intention and manifestation of those intentions.

It should also be noted that differences do not from the spiritual view, energy and influence in any way reference inequality. It does not exist within the spiritual core/center no in the spiritual energy of the collective, Divine and self. Any variations of worth, value or those defined roles, boundaries and limitations are created by society or based on biased belief systems. We are however subject to living amongst this "categorization" and why it is important to be or become aware of our gender-energy and how to best work with such energy to achieve whatever denotes personal success and happiness. As noted in this series there is a line that exists between acceptance (the societal or general) and independence or individuality. Again the more aware of self we become, in all ways including our gender energy the better equipped we become to adapt our flexibility and use such traits or tendencies to our advantage.

Just as again looking to the animal kingdom, there are patriarch and matriarch societies, we are to some degree accountable towards society in how we display our masculine versus feminine energies. Our spiritual core is that which holds all truths and engages us to pursue our own path in love and in the light, without causing harm or disruption to others or even self.

My guides are strong believers that self-identity (that of the true or highest self) is very empowering and liberating and allow us to pursue OUR truth, regardless of gender in any capacity. However it also allows awareness of the masses, so that we can pursue our individual path to success=happiness without leaving a trail of damage, again by self or brought onto self.

In conclusion most of us can agree that there IS or are differences in the masculine versus the feminine. And within this secular energy lies the true self, regardless of form or functionality. Therefore being able to recognize certain traits or tendencies as with all inner notifications we simply become better "equipped" to navigate the journey of life or life path.
And it can be challenging at times to overturn or proceed in spite of barriers created by either our physical or external gender versus the spiritual gender (or tendencies) for the greater good. We also embrace there is always an overlap or that of the opposite which is vital to our inner balance, which in turn balances our external or physical life and pursuits.
Rather than to "conform" to another whether a person or society or culture we learn to "adapt". Conformity suggests denial or that we must "hide" certain traits, reactions etc. However adaption means accepting and embracing the true self (and gender influence) and using such influences or tendencies to help propel or assist us on our journey. Whichever side you resonate with, self-awareness and embracing these or that which combines with all other spiritual, emotional and cognitive developments and influences to create each individual. So it becomes creative expression rather than chaotic oppression or forced suppression.
Masculine or feminine? Neither is greater or more powerful than the counterpart yet each leads us to navigate in a different energy or with differing intentions. As we know or we aspire to achieve all intentions have the potential to become manifested creating who we are and then how we live life, and all that we embrace or deny.

And accepting the variations is only acknowledging that there is always more than one path to the destination and we truly DO have the power and accountability no matter the "gender" to achieve whatever our deepest desires interpret to be our personal happiness, and help to define and illuminate our purpose and therefore our path. And as always, we must balance all things and never walk past the moment for it is never about just the "constant" (gender or outcome) but also the journey that teaches and gratifies our individual needs, wants and ideals.

And lastly, without some separation, some division of these influences of masculine and feminine, we would be a race of indifference, for it is often those differences that truly set us apart. ~

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